Santos POV

"You should've let me shoot that thing right in the head," Jaylen growled from the backseat shuffling uncontrollably, "He could have charged and killed you or something, dude."

A deadly silence wrapped itself around the seats and filled the darkness. I didn't want to speak because it was obvious Daniel wanted to rip Jaylen's head off. Santana was pretending to concentrate on the road in front of us, while Cory stared out the window blocking the thick tension that loomed over the backseat.

"What would that have solved?" Daniel finally spoke. It was low and barely audible. He was holding back so much emotion that it was seeping out of his eyes.

"Well, first off, it not killing you!" Jaylen said exasperated throwing his hands up over his head dramatically. Makes sense though, Jaylen is a drama-queen.

"It isn't an IT!" Daniel yelled finally loosing it. I just shrunk into the seat trying to avoid being brought into the heated conversation along with the girl and Cory.

"Then what is it?" Jaylen growled back, "your damn friend? Why didn't you invite it to come and sit with us? I would have gladly let him chew on my fuckin' arm if HE wanted to."

Daniel's eyes popped out of his sockets outraged, "HE had a family before this shit broke out! He didn't fuckin' choose to fuckin' get fuckin' infected! The least you can do is show some fuckin' respect. He was someone's kid, for god's sake. He meant the world to someone, you can't just kill him. He wasn't even infected all the way through."

Daniel's voice was full of anger, yet sadness laced it at the same time. I refused to turn my neck to see them, but the temptation was too great. I looked over my shoulder to see them in a man hug. I turned around before the goofy grin on my face ruined their moment.

"Okay," Jaylen said patting Daniel's back, "now that's over how about you blast some good shit on the stereo."

"Get the Ipod from the glove box," Santana smiled. Doing as so I pulled out a beat up, bright green Ipod, several stickers lining the back and Santana written across the screen with a black marker.

"This yours?" I asked plugging it in.

"Na, it was my brothers." A sad smile shaping her lips as she blinked back some tears.

Before I could speak, a loud screaming sound erupted from the speakers. "This is my jam!" Jaylen laughed, "Brokencyde rocks!"

My hand jumped out from my ears and lowered the song. "How can you listen to that?"

"Santos, just because it's not oldies or a rap song doesn't mean it isn't good. I had my first lap dance to this song. It was awesome!"

"Who would dance to this?"

"A hot girl," Jaylen smirked, "you should've seen the way she moved.....mmm."

"Okay, Okay, Jaylen no need to add sound effects," Santana laughed changing the song. A sweet melody invaded my ears and my hands -on their own accord- raised the volume. Sweet memories flooded my mind with every beat that exploded from the speakers.

"Santos, this is your jam, huh?" Jaylen smiled warmly as I turned to glare at him. And he was very right. Sleepwalk by Santo and Johnny was a song that held many memories of my mother. My sweet, delicate mother.

"Why?" Cory asked as I lowered the volume.

"It was my mother's favorite," I smiled with every word that left my mouth. She's the only woman I trust -still, even though she's dead- and will always love with all my heart. She never once did me wrong and always looked out for us.

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