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taehyung pov

" kookie? "

I stared at the figure in front of me with disbelief

It's kookie but not kookie. Those once black locks of his are now replaced with warm purple ones. His sense of style no longer the same, comfy attire which consist of white plan t-shirts, jeans, and timberlands transformed into a rocker like look, wearing a black shirt with a black leather sleeveless motorcycle jacket to go along with it, tight black jeans, and black converse to top it off.

But the one thing that changed the most is the way he looks at me. Those warm eyes he once hold and gazed upon me with love are no longer present, they now hold no sign of love and the warmth that it once held has melted away.

Although he might not be kookie and my eyes might be deceiving me but I don't care right now, right now I just want to hug him and that's what I exactly did

I scurried my way towards him, arms pulling him into a hug

that's when I noticed something that didn't change, his warmth. He still radiates the same warmth, the same warmth that melts my heart, the same warmth that makes me feel like home.

My arms were secured tightly around his waist, head snuggled deep into his shirt. He wasn't hugging back though and I could feel how uncomfortable he was by how stiff he got.

" kookie " I whispered, nuzzling my nose against his shirt

" yoongi get this weirdo off me " he then forcefully yanked me off him which resulted to me falling down.

" what the fuck is wrong with you!! " Jin yelled and ran to my side " are you okay tae baby? "

I hesitantly nodded

everyone just stood there with no clue on what to do, watching the scene in front of them unravel.

I flinched as he yelled
" that idiot jumped on me! "

I looked up to him, fringes hiding my red, teary eyes.

" kookie "

" don't call me that!! " 
My eyes widen at the loudness of his voice

He began walking away pulling yoongi along with him, walking pass the others.
" come on yoongi, get me out of this place and far from this idiot  "

" but.. you're my kookie " I mumbled only loud enough for me and jin to hear "

After they were finally gone I snapped. I threw myself at jin. I tried to speak but only muffled words came out my mouth.

" eomma, I want my kookie "

jin slowly rocked us forward and back, drawing circles on back during the process.

words then spilled out of his mouth. Words that he once told me before. Words that were there when I was in need... Words that will never betray me

Words that are

" don't worry Mommy is right here.. I'm not going anywhere "


I felt the car come to a complete stop. I slowly open my eyes to come to a realization that we are home. I rubbed my eyes in a cat like way and released yawn.

" aww the little lion woke up " I stiffen as jin said that

I lowered my head, staring at the car floor " jin please don't call me that "

He instantly knew the reason why I have asked him to not call me that. He scooted closer to me, pecking my right check and lightly stroking his left hand on the other.

" okay baby, let's go inside "

I wiggled my way upstairs to my room. Once I was in front of my bedroom door I inhaled a big amount of air. I constantly repeated words in my head. 

' jungkook won't be here, jungkook's gone, jungkook. . . .

will forever love me '

I opened the door to be surprised by a little woozi all curled up in my bed fast asleep.

I slowly made my way to my bed, trying not to wake up the little duckling. The bed sinks in as I sat there observing the little one.

He then began to squirm, slowly waking up.
He peeked one eye open, realizing it was me he automatically smiled.

" teihyoonggi "

I squeezed his cute chubby cheek

" yes? "

" when is kookie coming back? " he asked, making my heart ache.

I forced a smile upon my face and ruffled his already messy hair.

" never "

I tried hard to not let a single tear drop but I failed and not just only one tear was streaming down my face but many more were too.

" kookie is never coming back "

That night was not only the second night I slept without jungkook, it was also the night that I was comforted by a 5 year old boy who said that he will be my new kookie & promised to never leave me.


woozi is so cute <3
I'm starting to like using lowercase on the name, tell me if it bothers you *+*

jungkook doesn't remember taehyung xc

thanks you for reading xoxo

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