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Pen Your Pride

Prologue I: Discarded Woman

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          On the back mountain where a humble cottage resided, stood three people facing each other. The air was especially tense it was suffocating. Even the mountain which should be noisy at night with nocturnal creatures crawled all over the place, seemingly noticed the heavy atmosphere and was eerily silent. The full moon illuminated the three people's faces, making their beauty even more otherworldly.

          "Let me introduce you, this woman here is my future wife, Bai Shan Shan. I will help her cultivate to become a celestial so she can ascend with me. You, on the other hand, are not needed anymore. So, go kill yourself." the man broke the silence. He said each sentence with clarity that it was impossible to misconstrue what he said. The way he said it was more like a decree, as if he was fully confident the other woman would do as he said. 

          It was like lightning in the daylight. Zhang Xin Yu couldn't believe her ears. No, that was not the case. It was more like she didn't want to believe it. Her heart raced and her palms sweated.

          The man, her beloved Li Yun, was ruthless and heartless. These facts, she knew better than anyone else. But within the cold way he treated her, she could feel his kindness and warmth. Unfortunately now, she could only feel a freezing bite of ice cold from every word he said, especially the last sentence. When she saw the disdainful look he shot her, she knew she hadn't misheard him. As her heart plummeted to the ground, she could feel the burn of hot tears in her eyes, but she refused to let them fall.

          She tilted her gaze to Bai Shan Shan. As a woman, she couldn't help comparing herself to her. What made this woman so special that Li Yun agreed to take her as a wife when Zhang Xin Yu had never had the opportunity? Of course she was beautiful, but not more than her. Wealth, status, power, as a celestial who lived for millennia, Zhang Xin Yu believed she was better off than Bai Shan Shan. So why?

          Why did Li Yun choose her? How could this happen? What did she ever do wrong to him? Or to be more exact what she hadn't done for him that he had the heart to treat her like this? They had been together for so long yet it was that easy for him to dump her like a trash.

          Suddenly, a light breeze swept over them, ruffling their hair. Li Yun lovingly tidied up Bai Shan Shan's hair with gentle caresses. Seeing this, Zhang Xin Yu, closed her eyes. She couldn't bear witnessing Li Yun's tenderness to other woman. It burned.

          In her mind she replayed their past moments and realized that not once did Li Yun gazes at her with his heart on his sleeve like that. Not. Fu**ing. Once. Sure, he was gentle at times, especially after they consumed their lust. But what a naively deluded world she lived in! It was all nothing but an illusion. She wanted to laugh but found that her throat was constricted. So she sighed instead.

          For this man, Zhang Xin Yu loved with all of her. Every drop of sweat and blood, every penny she made, every action she took, all of it was a courtesy for this man. He said jump, she asked how high. He said kill, she asked how he wanted them to die. He said he like a companion in jiang hu, she struggled to be the best female warrior. He said he needed pills to help him cultivate, day and night she practiced alchemy. He said there was many enemies who wanted to poison him, she flipped earth apart to find an expert who could teach her the way of poison. Now he said to kill herself, should she bare her neck then slit her throat?

          It was different if she had to give her life when calamity befell him. Had that happen, he wouldn't need to ask, she'd eagerly save him and died. But, the him that demanded her life for no other reason than to throw her aside, would she still be an extremely idiotic woman and fulfilled his wish? 

          Like. Hell.

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