Chapter Fifteen

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Friday Night

I mound the final step upstairs and pad down the short hallway ending with the door to my room. I almost drop one of the spoons in my hand due to a fold in the rug, and I re-balance it on top of the ice cream tubs in hand. I walk into my room and toss one to Alyse who is sitting on my bed reading a magazine.

"Really? You gave me the vanilla?" She asks, reading the label with distaste.

I roll my eyes at her as I sit down on the recliner in my room and open my own mint chocolate chip ice cream. She opens her vanilla and I toss her a bag of M&M's to pour into it.

"Better." She says, pouring the entire thing inside the tub. "Did you know they're debating making prequels to the Hunger Games?" She asks, digging her spoon into her ice cream.

"Look who you're talking to. Of course I knew!" I sign.

She nods, "Good point. So, let's get down to business- that song you played in chorus." She begins.

"What about it?"

"First of all it was amazing." She says, mixing her ice cream around to evenly spread out the M&M's. "And second of all, I know West helped come up with those lyrics. Any special meaning behind them?" She asks, wiggling her eyebrows.

I throw the lid of my ice cream at her. "Stop insinuating there's something going on between West and I."

Alyse dodges it and pouts, "But Raine! It's so obvious he likes you!" She whines.

"Really? Then how come no one else can see it?" I ask rather indignantly.

"They do!"

"You're the only one who tells me. So..." I trail off and dip my spoon in my tub of ice cream.

She purses her lips and narrows her eyes. "Don't you dare be a hypocrite."

I pause mid-bite and raise a brow at her. "How?"

"'It's so obvious he likes you! How can you two not see it? You are meant for each other!'" She mocks. "Sound like anyone you know?"

I freeze.

Sounds a little like me with her and Toby.

I shake my head with a shrug, "Well considering I can't talk, that can't sound like me."

She groans, "Raine!"

"Alyse!" I mock.

"Why can't you just admit he's shown interest in you?"

"Because I don't think he has." I sign, taking another spoonful of ice cream.

"Well I think he has." She mumbles.

"I know."


"My weekend was completely and utterly uneventful." Tyler sighs, walking with me to Calculus.

"Alyse and I binge watched The Vampire Diaries all weekend." I sign.

He chuckles, "Sounds like you two. How come I wasn't invited?" He jokes.

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