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Pen Your Pride

Ask Dem CreepyPasta!

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Valarie: No one cares -.-

Dark Shadows: Your the co-Owner for this damn account *Glares*

Neon: *shrugs* oh well

Dark Shadows: Hi so we *cough* I *cough* thought this idea out. So why not to start an ask the CreepyPasta.

Everyone: ......

Dark Shadows: Say Hi

Everyone: Hi!

Dark Shadows: Since this I new we have no questions or dares. ILL BE HAPPY TO TAKE DARES FOR THESE CRAZY IDIOTS!

Lui: Im not crazy

Neon: Shut up Lui. You should be dead.

Dark Shadows : You Arent one happy camper right now Val. Anyways since there are no comments we have no questions, *pouts*

Neon: Anyways since we have no questions we are just gonna do nothing xD

Dark Shadows: We could talk about Halloween that's coming up soon.

Neon: Im not doing anthing that day. Maybe go get Candy from tricker-treating

Dark Shadows: Yeah sure why not I wanna get Candy.

Lui: I wanna get Candy too

Neon: Come with us then.

Lui: Mkay it will be FUN! *Skips out of room*

Jeff: *Facepalm* Why is he my brother?

Dark Shadows: Why is my name Dark Shadows? The world might never know!

Neon: Spelling error

Ben: My god someone kill her

Dark Shadows: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE !! Give us Dares or Questions. As long as its 1 or 2 at least. I will update as soon as I get a dare or question. SO... Yeah watch the video please if it worked xD

Ben: Im not gay -.-

Neon: You will only find out why he said that in the video xD

Everyone: BYEEEEEE!!!!!!


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