A Thugs Daughter

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Maria's P.O.V

I'm Maria daughter of big time drug lord Jordan Perez. I have everything a girl could want a big ass house, haters, money & one true friend

I walk in the house at 1:30 in the morning well sneak in the house my dads gonna kill me I take off my heels and tiptoe up the stairs I peep in my sisters room to see if she's awake

"You kno u introuble right?" she said not looking up from her computer "If you would just keep yo damn mouth he wouldn't find out stupid bitch" I said whispering rolling my eyes at her "DADDY!" She screamed "Shut the hell up" I said jumping on her and coving her mouth

"Say sorry" she said crossing her damn arms her and my brother get on my damn nervous with that shit get me every time

"Sorry" I said "Thank you" she mumbled picking up her Galaxy S4 "Wat u doing" I said getting under her covers "Nun frfr Just Facebook" she said going to her picture"Is that a naked picture" I said as she cover it up

"If u say any thing about it to dad or mom ill tell them how many times u came in late and u have been smokin" she said grinding her teeth on one another "Fine" I said getting up and going into my room

Some times i think the things i do reflect on her but ion pay much attention  to the kid

I had everything in my room a big flat screen a bay window computer pool everything

I went into my bathroom washed my body and my hair brushed my teeth I put on some booty shorts with a t-shirt and some high knee socks and laid in my bed I'm gonna prepare for the lecture my dad is gonna give me tomorrow

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