"You guys weren't kidding. This place is amazing." Glenn said in awe, taking in the enormous concrete structure.

"It is perfect. We can make this work." Lori added, absentmindedly rubbing her stomach.

I felt a swell of pride that I had been the one to find our soon to be new home. Never mind that it was by complete accident and totally unintentional. The point was, I felt like I had finally done something good. Something that had earned me a permanent place among the group.

"Won't be fun clearin' out all those damn walkers, though." Daryl added.

"We'll manage. It'll take a while, but we can do it." Rick answered. He clapped a hand on my shoulder and we exchanged a smile. "This would be a good place for Lori to have the baby."

I nodded. "Place might still be full of supplies, too."

"Let's find out." Rick said. He held a pair of garden shears in his hand that we had taken from the old house we had camped out in the previous night. They easily cut through the fence and one by one we all carefully slipped through the gap. Daryl and T-Dog quickly tied the hole together with some wire, making sure the walkers couldn't follow us.

"There's another gate up there, past the prison yard." Maggie pointed out, using her other hand to shield her eyes from the sunlight. "Someone's gonna have to run through there to get to it."

"I'll do it." Glenn offered right away. "I'm the fastest."

"Or I could do it…I'm not much of a runner, though." I admitted, shrugging my shoulders.

"Yeah, and you're clumsy as shit. You'd trip over your own feet and be on the ground within ten seconds." Daryl snorted. "You ain't goin' in there."

I shot him a glare, but didn't try to argue. I knew I wasn't the best candidate for this sort of thing.

"No, I can't ask either of you to risk your lives like that. I'm gonna do it. Carl, Daryl, Carol and Herschel- I want you all in the guard towers coverin' me. The rest of you stay out here and try to distract the walkers as best you can. Lori, you close the gate behind me and chain it shut." He began handing out orders. Everyone was in motion right away, headed to their assigned task. Lori moved closer to Rick, taking his face in her hands. I turned my back to give them a private moment.

I jogged a little ways down the fence, unsheathing my knife just in case. A quick glance up towards the guard towers assured me everyone was in place. I turned and watched as Rick braced himself as Lori slowly pulled open the gate. The second it was far enough open, he was out, sprinting full force through the yard. The walkers immediately went after him. I felt my stomach leap and I realized how afraid I was for Rick.

Gunshots began to rain down from the guard towers and one by one, the walkers around him began to drop. I followed Maggie's lead and grabbed the fence, shaking it and trying to rattle it as loudly as I could. We were all yelling at the top of our lungs, our voices carrying across the prison yard. Walkers that had been straggling behind changed direction and instead came towards the fence. I waited until one was right up next to me before I jammed my knife through one of the links and into its decaying skull. I twisted the knife sharply before tugging it out. I quickly moved onto the next one, working as fast as possible.

I heard Glenn cheering and glanced up, searching the yard for Rick. He had made it and was currently slamming the other gate shut, using a thick chain to hold it in place. I watched him run to the nearest guard tower, no doubt wanting to help pick off the rest of the walkers. There were only a dozen or so left. One of them had noticed me and was stumbling towards where I stood safely behind the fence. Half its jaw was missing and thick, black blood oozed from its mouth. God, these things were disgusting. I gripped my knife tight in my hand.