Mission Failed

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Mina's POV

"That Minatozaki Sana I swear." I whispered to myself. "If she blows our cover up, I will burn all her unicorn stuff toys."

Just like Momo-unnie, I already made it inside the mansion. 1st or 2nd floor you ask? Well I'm currently in the first floor, hiding. Why? It's because the 4 members of the family are gathered in the living room. Actually there are 5 of them.

'Who the heck is that colourful haired girl?' I thought. "Nevermind that. I need to go to the 2nd floor. Who knows what Sana-unnie will do?" I tried to quietly make my way outside the mansion to find other way to get to the 2nd floor but then I heard some intriguing things.

I'm not eavesdropping. It's just pure coincidence. Okay but maybe you can also call this eavesdropping. 'But maybe, just maybe, I can get some hints about the location of the master's bedroom or if I'm lucky enough, the location of the heart diamond.'

"Music will not improve your skills in business management!" Someone shouted from the living room. Then I heard a loud slapping sound. I'm sure that the voice I heard earlier was from the father.

"ALL YOU THINK IS THAT BUSINESS OF YOURS!" Someone shouted with a cracking voice. I can positively say that she's crying. "I HATE YOU!"

I peeked a little at the wall that's been preventing them from seeing me and saw someone running towards the stairs. 'Another reason why I hate rich people.' I sighed.

"Tzuyu!" The short-haired girl called out but before she can chase the crying girl, the man stopped her, shouting, "Don't you dare follow her, Son Chaeyoung!"

The small girl glared at the man. "I also hate you. Curse you and that money of yours!" She replied with a harsh tone. She quickly chased the taller girl leaving the man red in anger.

I find myself smirking because of what the girl said. 'Savage.'

"C-calm down, honey. Just let them go for now." The mother said. Yes, I think she's the mother. No need for evidences. Trust my intuition.

The father left the room in anger. I don't know where he is going so don't ask me. The 5th person just stood there as if she's watching a drama unfold in front of her.

"I'm sorry for all of the commotion, Dahyunnie..." The mother mumbled, forcing a smile. The person named 'Dahyunnie' returned the smile before they leave the living room.

"Well that was something." I mumbled. 'Wait... There are two people that went upstairs right?' My eyes widened as I quickly went out of the mansion. 'Shit. Sana-unnie is in big trouble.'

Momo's POV

"Why is there so many freaking rooms in this house?!" I groaned, slowly opening another door to who knows where. I found myself in a room filled with trophies and medals. I carefully walked in and inspected the place after reassuring that no one's here and there's no camera hidden. 'Maybe I can sell these things in a high price.'

After checking the room for a minute now, I found a box filled with maid uniforms. 'Why the hell would they put it here?' I was about to close the box but then a bright idea entered my amazing brain.

"I can use this as a disguise!" I said louder than expected. I quickly covered my mouth and checked if someone heard me but after several second of quietness, a sigh of relief escaped my mouth.

I put the uniform on and removed my face mask. I also tugged my pants upward so that it will not show up. I can't do anything with the boots but who cares? I look hot anyway. The belt is also covered so there's no problem anymore. 'I just wish that no one will suspect a thing.'

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