The Diaries Last Letter Part 82

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Maggie's POV...

Continued from previous chapter....

Hello my Love,
I would imagine you would be both surprised and a little angry that I have
invaded your sacred diary again like I have. But I see the smiles you give me
when you find those little notes I have left for you that tell me that you might
not be that angry.

Did I tell you I love you this morning? I hope I did... Because I do. Very, very much.
I can still remember the first time I saw you when you were coming down the stairs
in that club we were all in. You had that pretty red floral dress on with a lovely
cashmere cardigan that matched you. Your friend looked just as pretty, but
listening to George whistle like he did and following his eyes, I saw that he had
already marked your friend as his. And he did, didn't he?

He was so quick to get up onto his feet and make his way over to the young lady
that caught his interest and I wasn't too far behind him to go and meet you.
It was so loud and there were so many people that it made it just a little bit difficult
to have any kind of conversation with you. But you put your small soft hand in mine
and allowed me to take you out onto the dance floor where you fit so nicely into my
arms. And you smelled divine too.

I fell in love with you in that moment when you smiled into my eyes as you did. You
were so very beautiful and my heart felt so much warmer and brighter when you did
that. Then I had to stupidly ask if you would like a drink or something when the music
finished for the moment.

It was in those few moments that you met Ron, the bloody stinker. But I didn't know
that until later, much, much later. When I saw you again, it was at the club and you
looked so uncomfortable being there and Ron and Laura were acting like dicks.
They really were.

I was sitting in the back of the booth just watching you, listening to you when you
spoke. I loved listening to you when you spoke. Every time you opened that cute
little mouth of yours, I was hanging on to every word. I could hear you speak forever
if your voice was the only thing I could hear.

That was one of the reasons why I bought those books for you to read to the baby
before it was born, then finding out it was twins, double bonus for me. I would stand
at the doorway and listen to you talk to your baby belly every time I could. Then
when the boys were born, you read to them during the day and every night. I would
just listen to you.

I know you thought I was a scatter brain at times when you thought I wasn't listening
to you, but I was. I always did. So when you turned up again at the club, all I could do
was listen to you when you spoke. You were a real lady I thought. One I was determined
to make mine one day real soon.

Then when the waitress was being rude to you and how you reacted.. it proved that
you were a lady as I suspected. You handled her very well. But when Ron and Laura
blew their cigarette smoke into your face, I nearly jumped up and reached across the
table to snot them both. I nearly did.

But what you did next floored me. It really did.

You calmly got up and walked off. For what I didn't know at the time. I wanted to get
up and follow you but George had me hemmed in and I couldn't move, not when he
had Violet practically sitting on his lap like she was at the time. Laura belted out  loud
laughter in that screechy voice she has and thought it was hilarious. Ron though went
all quiet. Then you came back.

Oh man oh man, did you show everyone what you were made of.

Then you calmly pulled out that fire extinguisher from behind you and let Ron and
Laura have it. No one was expecting that. Not from a lady like you. Poor George had
lost it and couldn't control his laughing like that. Vi nearly fell onto the floor with
laughter too. It was bloody hilarious seeing that happen.

But when Ron jumped up and grabbed it from you then pinned you to the wall like
he did. That was not nice. Then he pulled the trigger on the extinguisher and you
were then covered.. all I thought about was your pretty  dress was ruined.

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