Chapter Two

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Day 1: Maelstrom siege

I didn't want to be here, I was ordered to be here. I always wanted to join the army, to serve, but those high hopes and dreams dissipated as soon as I was ordered by Admiral Johnson to protect the Maelstrom. What is the Maelstrom? Beats me, I don't know what it is, I don't know what its purpose is and I sure as hell don't really care about it. The only constructive part to this waste of time was that I got to use my V-SA II suit, a generic alteration of the type I V-SA suit which was used by American troops in the war of Babel, where we almost lost this liberated country. 'Venerable-Suit of Action' that's what I was wearing boldly, my High-powered Assault Cannon Rifle was at my hip, just waiting to be discharged. I was marching down a cobblestone road inside of Savannah, Georgia, sending Voice IM's via my V-SA's built-in radio to my comrades, being led by Sergeant Scott, a rich kid who who absolutely no idea what its like to fight in a war and lose friends to a war, he has no idea what war even is; graduated straight from military school right into the army and he thinks he is sovereign over us grunts. I inhaled the filtered air from within my helmet, whilst all my comrades cradled their helmets in their arms, I had mine clamped over my head, filtering the air from outside. Multiple icons and stats littered the sleek cerulean LCD screen from the interior of the V-SA visor. One of the visuals that appealed to me greatly was one that featured me in my full vigor, it showed every single counterpart of my anatomy and the G-force applied to each; in my studies on this piece of engineering genius, I realized that this particular display also measures the hazards encountered by you, for example, if you are falling, it will measure the G force and speed of your fall and approximate the amount of damage your body will experience. “Halt!” The voice that this shout belonged to was inputted into ever fiber of my being, and I did just as it commanded me to. I peered around, all of my comrades were at the ready, we had come to our destination, the Landmark Historic District, where the Maelstrom would be shown to the world. Everything up and down these streets were hectic, camera crews readying their cameras, policemen lining the streets, and then us, a group of stealth specialized Officer rank soldiers to assess anything that went wrong, because in everything there are flaws. In our tiny group there was Sergeant Jim Scott, the Decisive leader of this operation, with all the book smarts. Colonel Philip Krieg, specialized sniper, who was in the War of Babel and our eldest member. Colonel Chance Roter, weapons specialist, that's me, I enlisted when I was 20, and worked my way up, I adore guns and artillery, as well as technology, I'm the youngest of the group but I am still a specialist. Lieutenant Adam Schmidt, Assistant Sniper, he was older than me but only served in the end of the War of Babel, and now served as Krieg's assistant. Finally, there was Lieutenant George Ritz, my assistant, and one of my greatest allies. I had known him in Grade school, and we enlisted together, my greatest friend. Our march had not concluded quite yet, we had only just entered the area, now it was up to our own intellect to select a decisive and stealth location to watch over the interior of Savannah. To avoid compromise from city folk, we strolled behind the immense body of policemen and SWAT, and inched our way across streets. We eventually came to an old hotel which seemed pretty abandoned near the exit of the Maelstrom's showcase. Fortunately, everyone was gone, and clear of the hotel, so we scrambled topside to the roof and 27th floor, being the highest floor, respectively. Schmidt stationed himself and his Sniper Rifle on the 27th floor, making all necessary precautions; Scott set up base in the room beside Schmidt, and Krieg stayed planted on the roof, trained on the cobblestone street. I unloaded all of our equipment, with the help of Ritz. The two of us had a few laughs in the process, and evenly distributed grenades, hand guns, and all other materials required. “Time until showcase?” I asked over the mic on my helmet. “Two hours, 28 minutes, 33 seconds, 24 milliseconds” a female voice responded, I was shocked.......Oh, forgot, I'm wearing the latest model V-SA, it replies to this doesn't it?........I was absolutely correct, the suit answered me. The following hours were uneventful, until about 25 minutes were remaining; a small band of men who dressed like they were completely destitute lined the streets in a stylized fashion. We let this slide until we became uncomfortable with the way they interacted...... which was that they didn't. “Outpost 24, we have some suspicious folk in the streets” I overheard Scott say, speaking into his helmet since he was not wearing it. “Don't worry about it, this is a grand event, I'm sure no one wants to miss out, all foes have been neutralized” a heavy male voice replied. Scott, and the rest of us weren't too sure about this, these guys liked like mercenaries. I will forever loathe the following minutes, It was bestowed upon me to dubiously watch over the men and the streets, and most importantly the immense black technological box that was hovering its way down the street; this served as a veil for the Maelstrom. Its at times like this when you ask, what could happen, this will all end well, nothing will go wrong, I was convinced of this. Apart from being flawless, our party was told that the maelstrom can fend for itself, and I asked if it was a gun or something, but I didn't get a solid answer. "Scott, why are we here?" I asked as the event began, and the booming voice of the president announced the unveiling of the Maelstrom. "I don't know Roter, maybe because we were ordered too? Get yourself back together soldier, just do your job". What a Smart Aleck, I hated goons like this, but I had to deal with it, or go AWOL from fear of losing everything when the Military finds out. I sighed and returned my gaze back to the Maelstrom. There was formal protocol issued, the national anthem was played digitally, typically, and finally, the hectic unveiling was announced. Although I didn't really care very much for this thing, I was curious about it, its weaponry, its engineering, its design, and what it was. "...And now, the unveiling of the Maelstrom" announced the president, just as I chose to listen. Buttons were pressed, camera crews stared intently, and everything went silent. The technological veil closed inside of itself in a mechanical fashion, and I witnessed a golden shell break through the veil. The end result was an enormous 'thing' which resembled a bullet, it was very intricate, and had engines, immense once, that yielded a blue light; what type of material ran this thing? I wondered. 

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