Princely Pursuits (BoyxBoy)

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“Gentlemen, don't crowd”. A pair of impatient grunts met this instruction but begrudgingly, the brawn filled thugs took a step backwards. No sooner than they had, the grate at the head of the tunnel was removed, the one who had dismantled it was dusting their hands together with a brash grin.

“Oh my, I never realised I was quite so dashing!”. Beck, the only member of the party that didn't sport a crooked nose or several decorative scars, plucked the flyer from the inches of water it floated upon.

“Maybe I should think of turning myself in, there's a rather hefty reward”Beck continued to muse as he met with the hilt of a dagger, that pushed him into the mouth of the tunnel. He grumbled something at his companions about a lack of respect before leading the procession with the glow of torch light.

“We have a winner”Beck called, pointing upward at the damp covered grate.

“Remember the plan..”.

“We'll open the gates once you give the signal”the pair of ruffians that Beck had acquired within the tavern, reminded him. They settled a hand under each foot before boosting him upward toward their exit. When Beck finally released the catch and scrambled up to the surface, both his companions were decorated with boot prints.

He gave them a trademark salute, accompanied by an arrogant grin before he disappeared.

Beck had just given the signal, a beam of light directed toward the South Wall. He was presently stalking across the roof, wondering how long it would take before the realisation that the thick headed characters manning the gates were merely a distraction and were sure to get caught, dawned on them.

He paused for a moment, admiring the moonlight that streamed across the cities rooftops, lifting the late queen's crown he had acquired within the treasury, he watched as the jewels rippled against the light. This was sure to make him a fortune and if all else failed, he had a satchel filled with copper coins.

A bell chimed, this meant his friends had already been seized and had obviously made it clear that Beck was still at large.

He sighed, his moment of calm ruined as he peered into the courtyard below. Footmen were closing down the perimeter and guards were being stationed around the castle walls. Beck had the element of surprise, or so he thought he did, until a crossbow bolt sailed past his middle.

“Up there!”a voice yelled as Beck broke into a sprint. Once he reached the edge of the rooftop, he lowered himself, kicking at the window stationed a few feet below. It gave way easily, allowing him to slip through into a stone forged corridor.

It did not take long for the rush of footsteps to greet his ears and so he reached for the nearest handle, forcing entry into one of the many room's. Closing the door behind himself, he drew out a long breath.

“State your name”. Beck looked upward, honestly surprised to find the room occupied, he cocked his head to the side as he drunk in the armed male.

Ah, your highness”Beck grinned, finally placing the face as he bowed in jest. Prince Yves, the sole heir to the Kingdom, scrutinised the intruder.

“I am an angel, sent to this earth to guide troubled souls...preferably female souls, make that beautiful female souls”Beck cried, clasping a hand to his chest for dramatic effect. His words only caused the Prince to grow more perplexed, the sword wilting slightly in his grasp.

“Why are you in my chambers?”Yves growled, finally finding his voice again.

“A trifle matter, really”Beck shrugged, running a finger along the top of the bookshelf lining the wall. He grimaced at the dust painting his finger and wiped it against his breeches.

“Elaborate”Yves barked.

“Hmm...let me see, I took something, evidently it didn't belong to me, and now the whole castle is searching for me, except for shouldn't of even been awake”Beck trailed off, inspecting the room.

“I have finely tuned hearing”Yves stated, earning raised eyebrows from his intruder.

“Well I should be leaving, I have three very pleasant ladies awaiting my return”. Beck made a charge toward the window only to find himself pinned down, sword at his throat.

“You are a thief, there are consequences, now state your name”. Yves found a poster thrust into his vision, he grasped it, scanning the information.

Beck Bailey,

Wanted for Theft,

Reward £200.

Lowering the paper, he found he was alone. 

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