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Zachary entered, a gleam in his eye as his six-foot figure entered the doorway. He, as usual, arrived punctually, despite being aware that Hazel was going to be 15 minutes late - as per usual.

"Oh, hi Fae." The six-foot giant greeted me as he placed his shoes on the shoe rack.

Greeting back, I quickly emptied the half eaten bowl of cereal into the bin before dumping the bowl hurriedly into the dishwasher, well acquainted with the cognition that Hazel was going to absolutely lose it if she saw the mess on the table.

Feeling a worried stare digging into my back at the sight of my half-eaten breakfast, I shrugged it off, informing him that I could not muster an appetite today.

Nodding in understanding, Zachary cast me a gentle smile, engulfing me into a bear hug as he handed me a packet of skittles. Grinning, and thanking him for bringing my favorite candy, I felt my mood lift significantly.

Zachary was whom I would acutely identify as the brother I never had. Sharing a similar set of golden brown eyes, caramel brown hair, and interests, we were undoubtedly close, and he was on my favorite contacts list along with Hazel. If I was ever in trouble and Hazel could not be contacted, Zachary was bound to be the immediate second person I would dial.

"When did Haze go up?" Zachary questioned, looking at the clock as he set a timer, a joke we had both conjured up due to her habit of being religiously late.

"Fortunately for you, 30 minutes ago," I replied, a smile inching its way to my face as we begin to recite our ever so familiar catchphrase.

"So another 15 minutes," he continued.

"As usual." We both finished off the sentence, grinning at each other as he handed me the remote control, allowing me free reign over whatever we watched.

Deciding to not choosing to annoy him today by selecting Barney or the Power Puff Girls, I settled on Teen Titans as he gave a thumbs up in approval, allowing the tv to whisk us away into a comfortable silence.


"Hey Nut." He responded, calling Hazel in a nickname only reserved for him for her, grinning with absolute amusement as Hazel thundered down the stairs in casual clothes and her trademark leather satchel.

Grabbing her wallet and phone which she discarded carelessly on the kitchen top half an hour prior, she gave me a tiny squeeze as she headed straight for Zachary who snuggled her in return.

"We'll pick you at the library later in the evening for dinner, our date today isn't on the way to the library so we can't bring you there," Zachary stated apologetically as Hazel bore a face filled with guilt.

I simply waved them off, assuring them that everything was going to be alright. With apparent dubious glances cast my way, I was only finally able to shove the duo into the car a good twenty-five minutes later, resulting in me being more than eager to send them off.

A gleam on the black Toyota contrasted against the snow crusted pavement, a pattern resonating with our neighborhood as we were now prepared to accommodate the soothing and gentle chills that accompanied winter. The snowflakes softly fell onto the house roofs, decorating them with an ethereal glow as the yellow circular star located up above illuminated the town with a warm shimmery gold. 

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