birthday surprise

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Today is my birthday and I'm so exited! Shawn said he has a surprise for me but I seriously can't think of what it could be.
I'm in me and Shawn's hotel room trying to finish up an essay for humanities. (humanities is probably my favourite subject☺️) As I finished up my last sentence on the computer Shawn walked in and and said "Y/N I need you to come with me."  When he said that I was exited but nervous at the same time.
Shawn's POV
I have a surprise for Y/N. I told her the concert would start at 6:30 but it actually starts at 6:00. I told her that because I wanted enough time to go on stage and tell everyone that when Y/N walks on stage we all start to sing happy birthday to her and to come back and get her from the hotel. I think it would be a great birthday surprise.

I hold Shawn's hand and walk through the hotel lobby and into the car. "So..... What's going on?" I asked trying not to smile. "I can't tell you, let's just say that this involves many people." "Heh?" I hoofed. Many people? What could that mean?

As I walked backstage Shawn Said "stay here for a minute.". Shawn walk on stage and gave a thumbs into the crew, one of the crew members pushed me on stage. Right when I get on stage the whole crowed starts to sing happy birthday, I was speechless.

Shawn's POV
I give a thumbs up to one of the crew members backstage, the member nods and pushes Y/N onto the stage without knowing what's going on. When she walks on the whole audience starts singing happy birthday to her, she looked so happy. The smile on her face just mad me feel like I have the one.

Once we finish singing happy birthday I go in and give her the biggest hug ever. "Thank you so so so much for this, I don't even know how to thank you." She said with a big smile. "Well the night is still young, we'll see after the concert." "I love you." "Love you too Y/N, I love you too."
I hope you enjoyed this, please give me more ideas for these imagines!

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