attempt on watching movie

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Attempt to watch the movie sasuke was just now about to press the play button until it was interupted by a sudden storm as the 4 were now in the dark.

Sasuke sighed as he got up and took the dvd out of the dvd player then tuned around "were watching it on my laptop I'll be right back" Sasuke says as he leaves while the three looked at each other before laughing silently to each other.

Soon Sasuke came back with his laptop and sat down "OK then here we are we can use both laptops cause we have two copies" Sasuke says looking at Sasukie who laughed sheepishly "I'll be back" Sasukie says as he leaves the living room while menma looked threw the dark as he made a Strang nose which caused am echo, as Sasuke came back and placed his laptop down and smiled at menma who nodded.

Soon Sasuke looked at Sasukie "were gonna have to press play at the same time" Sasuke says as Sasukie nods.




Sasuke and Sasukie said at the same time as they both pressed play as it started at the same time.

Naruto sat close to sasuke as he watched the movie keeping his 9 tails out of the way so it wouldn't bother sasuke anymore than it needs to and it was a good thought too since his tails do get in the way from time to time soon it began it was normal and calm so the blond fox was enjoying it so far as he smiled, while menma was also enjoying it to as his ear twitched and Sasukie smiled at menma who looked so curious it was really cute.

Going threw the movie naruto and sasuke shared a popcorn together same with Sasukie and menma.

But soon naruto got jump scared as he hugged sasuke who didn't seem to mind at all.

Menma was sort of jumpscard as he jumped a little bit.

Going further threw the naruto was hugging sasuke as he was as he turned into a fox on accident and curled up to sasuke as the uchiha started to pet him softly in a comforting way cause naruto to purr softly then sasuke stopped as he pulled the blanket over naruto to keep the kitsune warm.

Menma was shaking thought he was trying to not  show any sines of being scared what so ever but that wasn't working out like he wanted as sasukie wrapped his arms around menma and held him close as the raven fox looked up at the uchiha before snuggling up to him though menma was a blushing mess.

After few more jumpscares they were almost done with the movie as naruto continued watching but he was still scared as the fox hugged a little tighter to the half asleep uchiha beside him.

Menma was being hugged by sasukie who smiled down at him as Menma looks up at the sasukie as he looked back down and blushed softly.

After the movie ended naruto was still scared as  he didn't want to be alone and rubbed his cold muzzle against sasuke waking him up softly "huh is the movie over" sasuke asks as naruto as looking down at the fox who nodded at him "OK them he'd time" sasuke says as he yawned and got up leaving to his room, as naruto grabbed the blanket and ran after sasuke still scared and jumped into the uchiha bed "what wrong" he asked as naruto snuggled up to sasuke as he was petted softly "OK fine you can sleep with me" sasuke says as he slid over for the uzumaki to jump into the bed with him, soon the two fell asleep as Naruto had the blanket lightly laid on him as he soon turned back human without knowing it.

Next morning

Sasuke woke up as he looked over to Naruto who was now in his human form as he rolled his eyes.

Running his fingers threw Naruto hair as he stayed silent than gently rubbed Naruto ears as the fox made am embarrassing noise causing sasuke to blush a little.

'What's wrong with me is he changing me again' sasuke thought as he looked at Naruto who hasn't woken up yet so sasuke got up and had to climb over Naruto to get out of bed but slipped and fell off of his warm bed almost taking Naruto with him.

But he did get tangled in a blanket though why was morning doing this to him it's just not right as he groaned unhappily getting up wasn't easy neither but once free from him blanket prison he look around for a bit to see if anyone saw what had happen as he sighed and turned to naruto only to see that he was barley waring anything as the foxes 9 tails covered his lower half, soon sasuke threw the blanket on naruto while slightly blushing and walked out the room whole stretching out before going to make breakfast for him and the 3 since he was no longer alone he was still sort of used to being around them but he perfered to be alone still but when it came to naruto, he felt like he needed the fox to stay by his side at all times it really means much to him.

Sasuke was still in thought for a while longer as he mind was filled with nothing but naruto as he snapped out of it and started making breakfast.

The breakfast was nice and simple for everyone to enjoy as he softly smiled to himself with out know it as his mind went back to naruto "what the hill is wrong with me" sasuke mutters as he soon felt a pare of arms around him as he jumped slightly and elbowed the person in the gut turning around as he was prepared to fight only to see his twin on the ground holding his stumach "what the duck sasukie" sasuke yelled angry at his twin.


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