To get things started

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Hey! So as a way to get things off the ground, I'll make a short post! I hope you enjoy.
How they get to sleep

Pein(Nagato)- It's very difficult for Nagato to get to sleep. Though he can send his Pein's body to rest, he usually stays up, daydreaming about his perfect world and how he wishes Yahiko could still be here to witness it, at least until Konan scolds him for it, reminding him that sleep is important.

Konan- Much like Nagato, she has a hard time sleeping, but after a nice cup of tea and making a few origami figures by hand, she's relaxed enough to drift off comfortably.

Hidan- Hidan falls asleep rather quickly. He knows that doing sacrifices for Jashin takes up a lot of energy and so he tries to get as good of sleep as possible.

Kakuzu- Kakuzu likes to get to bed at a reasonable time so he can get an early start on his bingo book the next morning. Of course, he can't sleep unless he's made sure he's counted and locked up his money.

Kisame- He falls asleep quick too, but wakes up quite a bit at night, for no apparent reason. But before he can even think of resting, Samehada needs to be taken care of, or else the sword bugs him all night.

Itachi- Itachi hardly sleeps, and when he does its only for a few, short hours. He'll drink tea to relax himself or read until tired.

Deidara- Dei can't sleep unless he's created something 'beautiful' in his opinion and then, well, explodes it. He doesn't know why, but if he doesn't, he stays up, thinking of what he could tweak there or add here and then ends up not sleeping at all.

Sasori- Even though Sasori doesn't need sleep, he occasionally likes to. And when he does want to, he has to make sure the room is spotless and to have a small trap set, just incase Tobi or Deidara try to come in.

Tobi(Obito)- Tobi is a wild one and usually doesn't want to sleep because he could be doing so much more with the day! However, once he settles down and comes down from his sugar high, he's out like a light. Obito prefers to sleep at night, because it's the one time he can truly be with Rin and Kakashi again. He doesn't do anything to fall asleep besides lie down.

Zetsu- Zetsu doesnt get much sleep, and it's mostly because the two sides bicker about everything all night. Once they realize it's pointless, they'll get up and leave to either hunt or take care of their garden until relaxed enough to try again.

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