a waisted movie night

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Hi guy ami-chan here and I just wanna says ya I know if some of you seen it and some of you haven't and ya I only put the trailer instead of the who movie.

Well I just didn't want to but enjoy.


Sasuke was making snacks for the movie they were getting ready to watch it was called the boy  so they were excited about it.

Naruto and menma haven't seen it nor have they seen the trailer so they were clueless if what the movie was about.

Sasukie had brought two sets of blankets from them as he handed one to naruto and the other to menma.

Soon sasuke come out of the kitchen with food and drinks for them as he sat down and placed the tray on the coffee table and sat beside naruto while sasukie cut the lights off as he then sat down beside menma but soon they were enterupted by someone calling sasuke phone as the uchiha answered it.


"Hey sasuke"

"What is it neji"

"it's sakura she wants to talk to you and it is either on the phone or you can come to my place"

"Fine what ever should I come alone or is ino there to"

"She here to they both wanna talk to you and sasukie"

"And I was gonna spend the night watching a movie ugh"

"Sorry for running your night but you do have another day off 4 to be exact"

"What ever me and assume will he there soon"



Sasuke puts his phone down as he groaned "what happened" Sasukie asks tilting his head "neji said Sakura and ino wanted to talk to us and I'm guessing were gonna have to go to his place" Sasuke says as he growled and naruto and menma got up "can we come with you" naruto asks as his 9 tails swayed.

"Ya you can hold on" Sasukie says as he runs to the back rooms while Sasuke just turned the lights on waiting for Sasukie to return.

"Hey naruto menma turn into foxes for me and Sasuke please" sasuke says as he tossed a bag over to Sasuke who instently cought it  "um ok" naruto says as he turn into a fox and his clothes weren't able to fit him anymore same with menma who jumped into Sasukie bag the two Uchida left there warm home into the cool night, Un aware of ye danger of the night.

Making it to neji home Sasuke opens the door as neji opened it allowing them in side "sakura and ino are in the living room" he says before leaving while the two Uchiha's went to the living room removing there bags and sat down.

Sasuke placed the bag on the ground softly as naruto shifted a little getting comfy before laying down.

While Sasukie just put his bag on his lap while menma laied down.

"OK you two what is it" sasuke asks looking at the two girls who smiled and giggled  "we just wanted to tell you something super important is all" Sakura was the first to talk as she stands up and and walked over to sasuke as she leaned closely to sasuke "listen very close OK sasuke-kun" sakura says as she smiled and whispered into sasuke ear, accidently kicking sasuke back that contained naruto who winced causing sasuke to move away from the pinkette and pick up his bag.

"Hmm" sakura hummed in annoyance as she didn't like what happened but she was curious on what she had kicked "hey you ok" sasuke asked as naruto pocked his head out and looked at sasuke as he barked softly while sakura fangirled  over the fox thought she don't really know what animal it was but, she was real confedent on  finding out though but that not gonna happene on sasuke watch though, "awww its so cute" sakura says as she moved to pet naruto but he quickly moved away as he was scared of her she terrified his from the very start.

"Leave him alone" sasuke says as he petted naruto head earning a purr from the blond fox.

"But what were you gonna tell me" sasuke askded as he looked at sakura who just now remembered "oh ya" she says as she leans into sasuke again "I always wanted you sasuke-kun will you be my boyfriend" sakura asks as she blushes and looked at the uchiha "sorry no I can't I'm already taken by someone" sasuke lied as he petted naruto who smiled.

The pinkette was surprised and sad "aw I was beaten to the punch" she says disappointed and looked at ink who was silently laughing.

As the blond got up and walked to sasukie as she  smiled at him and was about to ask him out until she got bit by menma who emediatly didn't approve of her being so close to him "aw he doesn't want you to be with his master" sasukie cuued.

"This was a waist of time" sasuke says as he was grumpy "you could of just waited till tomarrow morning so  no" sasuke says as he picked up his bag with naruto in it as he growled and started to walk away with sasukie following leaving the two sad girls at neji home.

Sasuke was to peeved to even bother messing with sakura ino or anyone.

But when he snapped was when a man picked a fight with him.

And all I have to say that man had an unpleasant death with a horrible funeral plan as naruto tried to calm sasuke down same with sasuke as they arrived home.

Naruto and menma excaped from the bags and turned normal forgetting they didn't have any clothes on as the were wrapped in blankets "let's just try to watch it" menma says as naruto nodded in agreement but first they ram to the rooms to get dressed before coming back ad sitting beside sasuke and sasukie who cut the lights off causing naruto to trip.



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