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Welcome all of you Akatsuki lovers out there! I got this idea from tumblr and was kind of disappointed in the lack of love our villains get here at Wattpad.

As the description says, I'll be doing scenarios, head-cannons, one-shots, and anything else you can think of.

I do all of the Akatsuki members except for Hebi and Orochimaru, so if you want them they'll need to be requested specifically.

I will also do random trends or "events" if you'll call them, that I find on tumblr to do here so it's always fun! Those will be posted on my page as a status and will need to be replied to, on my status, for me to accept. But don't worry! I will make an 'A/N' on here when I'm hosting it!

I'm not shy so send in your requests! I do sfw and nsfw for all of my fellow pervs out there. However, no OC's or pairings unless it's part of an "event" so this will all be reader insert=S/O.

Send the requests however you want, whether through the comments or my DMS. I'll credit you in the chapter, unless stated otherwise.

I might add more characters if they're requested enough but this is mainly for Akatsuki. Also, since the requests will be short, I'll try and fit a few together in each chapter so that it doesn't seem like a waste of space.

Remember all of this is my personal opinion on how I think they'd go about something, so if your opinion differs, that's alright!

I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I do!

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