Line Between Death and Life

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I stared with wide eyes. "What?" I asked, shock laced in my voice. "I'm sorry." Marco said. I looked around, tears threatening to spill. I saw Petra, Gunther, Erd, Aurou, and a few other familiar faces. "Eren, can you hear me?" I asked. No response. I felt the wet stream of tears run down my face. "No. This is all just a bad dream. You'll wake up in the infirmary, alive. Yeah." I said, trying to assure myself. Marco put a hand on my shoulder. "I'm sorry, but this isn't a dream." Marco looked me in the eye. I dug my nails into my arm, drawing blood. Everybody left, deciding to leave me alone. I looked down at the one white floor, now stained with my blood. I closed my eyes, still digging my nails deeper and deeper into my arms. I fell asleep, bleeding and crying. I opened my eyes, and looked around. It was white, like the infirmary, but deep down, I knew it wasn't. Marco walked up to me. "You've been out for a week. I mean, most of us don't take it well, but we take it better than that!" Marco smiled, trying to get me to brighten up. I just turned away. "Leave me alone to my sorrows. I would say until I die, but I'm already dead." I said. Marco sighed, and gave up trying to talk to me. I punched the ground for a while, taking my anger out on the, cloud? I don't know what it was, but it looked like a bloodstained cloud. My hand fell through the cloud. "Kyaa!" I yelped. I jerked my hand back, and saw the hole. I opened up the hole, until I could fit through it. I closed my eyes and jumped. I fell towards the Earth, and slowly started to feel more alive. I hit the ground, but felt no pain. "Eren, are you here?" I asked again. No response. I sighed, and looked for my body. I found my body by a sign, and some flowers. I looked at my hands, and saw they were coated in blood. 'I must be getting use to it.' I thought. I touched my body, and opened my eyes. I was alive! I took the flowers, and tucked them into my hair. "Eren, this is the last time I'll try to talk to you. Will you please answer me?" I pleaded. "(Y/n)? Is that you?" Eren asked. "No it's a titan. Oh..." I said. "Pfft! You are part titan! But where are you?" Eren asked. ""That's why I said oh. And I'm by my grave, where are you?" I asked. After I asked, I felt like I already knew, so I wandered to where Eren was, or where I thought he was. I saw him laying in a bed, all bandaged up. "Eren!" I cried. "(Y/n)!" He yelped. Eren was obviously surprised I was actually alive. "What's going on in he-" Mikasa asked. "(Y/n)!" Armin and Mikasa asked. "That would be me!" I smiled. We all had a group hug, and then we all started crying. I felt warm, sticky tears run down my face. I thought they were tears. "(Y/n), are you okay?" Armin asked. "Yeah, why?" I asked. "You're crying blood." Armin replied. I wiped some of the sticky liquid off of my face, and sure enough, it was blood. "Huh" I said. "You're coming back from the dead, crying blood, and all you have to say is Huh!?" Eren asked. "Heh, yeah. I didn't like it up there." I said. I shivered as I felt a shiver go down my spine. "Well, I'm glad you're back, but there are titans to kill!" Eren said. I smiled, and raised my fist. "To killing the titans!" I smiled. "To killing the titans!" Everybody else said after raising their fists. Little did I know how hard my life would become after coming back from the dead.

A/n: Wow! I didn't think that people would love the first book that much! All of your support and comments have brought me to make a book two. I hope you all enjoy book two as much as book one!

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