chapter 5: sitting with use

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( I changed the name of the story so that's why i'm puttimg this thingy here )

Craig's pov:

I wish I could kill him.

A part of me feels like I have already.

And it always feels like just pups back up.


Today's a new day.

If you wanna know what happened yesterday, you probably guessed it already. Kenny toke tweek away from me again and Tweek said good bye, an said he'd see me tomorrow.

If I do get to see him today with out kenny being an asshole.

The bell rings for lunch, everyone starts getting up to walk to there luckers or just head right to the cafeteria

I head to my lucker to put some of my stuff away, when I feel someone tap on my shoulder, I look in the mirror I have in my lucker to see what's behind me and see cute messed up blonde hair, I laugh and say " hey tweek. "

" h-how'd you k-know it was me! "

I laugh again " I could just tell i guess. " I trun to him and smile, " I-i'm gonna t-try and sit with y-you guys t-today! " I feel my smile get bigger, I most look fucking stupid " sweet. " I trun and shut my lucker door, then look back to him " well let's get going to the cafeteria then " I say " o-okay! "

*little time skippp*

We get to the cafeteria, tweek went to go get use some food while I try to find clyde and token, I find them both right away cause of all the noise clyde is making, " and then bebe was like oh clyde your sooo cool! " god damn it hes telling one of his shitty dates with bebe story's " not again with this shit clyde. " I say miserably, they both look at me

" hey craig " token says" hey token" I say sitting down next to him " it's not shitty it's awsome! " clyde pouts " you've told this story 10 fucking times. It's shitty now " I say, clyde sits down and sticks his tounge out, god he's such a child.

After alittle while tweek walks over with our food, " I-is this seat t-taken? " tweek asks with a smile, I smile back, " nope. You may sit. " he sits and clyde starts yelling, " TWEEK YOUR BACK! " clyde screams, tweek falls back
" GAH! " I grab his arm before he falls to the ground" god damn it Donovan be careful " I pull tweek up, " sorry tweek it's just it feels like its been forever! " he says

" clyde its only been two weeks " token adds " so it feels like forever! " I hear a laugh in the back of use, I turn and see the one person I hate the most in the world kenny fucking McCormick.

" sorry I didn't mean to keep tweek away from you guys " he says as he sits next to tweek " what are you doing McCormick. " I asks abit angry " sitting what does it look like craig? " he grins " tweek said I could sit with him and you guys today "


Fuck my life.

Look another shitty chapter,

thanks for reading this this this peice of sit I call chapter

It means a lot really!

Also as you can see I changed the name I didn't think tucker dearest was a good name for this story I'll use it for another story someday,

So yeah thats it

Epicmagik out-

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