Ray Ray Imagine ...

* Yuu Was Sittin At A Cafe Readin Ahh Book When Yuu Heardd A Voicee *

???- Excuse Me, Do Yuu Remember Me ??

Yn- No Sorry,,,

???- Im Suree Yu Do, Ray Ray I Was,Like Yur Best Friend !

Yn- Ray Ray ! Its Been Forever, Pleasee Sit.

Ray Ray- Suree, So How Did It Work Out With Yuu Nd Sammy ..

Yn- No He Was To Damanding, How Did It Work With Yuu And Maya

Ray- She Was F.ckin With Jacob

Yn- Jacob Jacob, Whu Is Jacob

Ray -.Princeton Afro Tall

Yn- Ohh,.Princeton. I Never Addressed Him As Jacob ..

Ray- Well Do.Yu Wanna Come To My House, Grab A Drink

* Yuu Stand Up.*


YN- Whatt Are Yuu Tlkin Bout

Ray-.Yoo Ass Is Fat, But Anyways Lehgoo !

* Yuu Go To Rays House, Spend The Night And Startt Reconnecting. * Next Morninq

Yn-.Guhdd Morning Ray, Imma Go Shower

Ray- Ohkayy .

* As Yur In The Shower Yuu Hear The BR Door Open, *

Yn- Ray Is That Yu .....

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