Chapter 2

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|| Your pov ||
The weekend ended quite fast, and I soon found myself needing to go to school. I was to attend Collège Françoise Dupont, a very good school from what I've heard.
      I walk to my closet and take out a (f/c) along with a pair of ripped jeans, nothing too flashy. A (material of preference) jacket as well as (f/c) vans as the finishing touch. As I walk past my mirror I notice my awful case of bead head and fix it with ease into (hairstyle).
    Downstairs I'm met with my mother leaving our home, I'm assuming something work related.
"Breakfast is on the table and your lunch is in the blue lunchbox! I'll be back for dinner, bye baby!"
"Bye mom"
      I scurry and eat my food and leave as well, a lavish limousine waiting to take me to school.
    As I get off the limo, I am greeted by the annoying quails of a girl, which I'm assuming by what she's saying, is the typical popular chick.
"Move along peasants! The new student doesn't want to be involved with the likes of you!" She said with a screechy, annoying tone, "Hello! I am Chloé, the mayors daughter, and I can tell that we're gonna be best friends!"

I chuckle.

"I'm sorry, could you please move along? I don't want to be involved with the likes of you."
"I-what?!? Do you know who my father is?!"
"Frankly I do, and frankly, I don't care!" I say as I walk away from her and toward the group of people she pushed aside.
"Sorry about that, Chloé can be quite the handful. I'm Marinette by the way, and there are Alya and Nino." Said the ravenette (but let's be honest her hair looks a little blue) as she pointed to the brunette with glasses and the boy with the red cap.
"Pleasure to meet you all! I'm (y/n) (l/n)."
"Oh you're the student from America right? Do you know who Ladybug is? Are there heroes in America?"
"Yeah, I saw her on the news a day ago. Quite the change from America, we don't normally have butterflies terrorizing citizens over there."
"Dude that's kinda rad if you ask me! Like what a change right?"
"Yeah I guess so!"
"Oh by the way, my bro Adrien, super cool dude, he's totally running late, but you seem like a nice gal! So I'm sure you two would definitely get along."
      As if on cue, a limousine drives by and drops a blonde off. By Nino's reaction I'm assuming this is Adrien. The more he approached us the more I could see Marinette's face reddening, she must like him.
"Adrien dude! The new girl dissed Chloé for dissing us! Come meet her she's cool!" Said Nino as he waved to Adrien.
"Oh? That's quite a leap, not a lot of people stand up to her. I'm Adrien Agreste!"
"Agreste? Is your father Gabriel Agreste?"
"Yeah, I guess even new people know who he is!"
"Oh no it's not like that, my mom told me about him, she works with him?"
"Oh? Who's your mom?"
"(M/n) Agullon"
"Ah! Yes she's one of my dad's models, didn't know she had a daughter though...erhm miss?"
"Oh my bad, I'm (y/n) (l/n)."
"(L/n)? After your dad I presume."
      Soon the bell rang signifying class was about to start.
      The morning flew by, and for lunch I decided to sit at the schools steps and look at the city. Before I could even open my lunch I saw a man in the middle of the road, he fell and couldn't get up. I quickly stand to my feet and help him get to safety.
"Thank you young girl, your kindness is far beyond what anyone could ever ask for."
"It was not problem sir, I'd rather help others out than anything else!"
With that he left and I went back to my lunch.
     Once I arrived I noticed a strange red box in my bag. I opened it and saw a silver bracelet, very simple looking, yet elegant and lavish in a strange way.  The front was plain, but in the center there was (gemstone) and the back looked like intertwined jungle vines.

      As soon as I put it on, a small little creature came out flying

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      As soon as I put it on, a small little creature came out flying. It looked awfully similar, if not identical, to a white bengal tiger, from the color of its skin/fur to the icy blue eyes it was staring me with.
"Hello! I'm Tessa and Master Fu chose you to be the new holder of the Tiger Miraculous!"
"Um, I, thank you?"
"You must be confused, but don't be! With me you can fight alongside Ladybug and Chat Noir as a hero of Paris!"
"Alright! How do I begin?"
"Um how about right now? All you have to say is 'Tessa roaring time' and you'll transform! Everything else is in your whip-phone"
"Ok, uh. Tessa roaring time!"
      After I transformed I looked in the mirror to see hero alter ego, Tigress.

(The hair depends on the reader) ***      As I arrived on the scene I see a young girl claiming to be 'The Puppeteer'

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(The hair depends on the reader)
      As I arrived on the scene I see a young girl claiming to be 'The Puppeteer'. Ladybug and Chat Noir were too engrossed in the fight to notice my new presence.
"You don't happen to need an extra set of hands do ya?" I ask the duo.
"The akuma is in the wand, but we can't reach it!"
"Aye aye captain, just keep the girl distracted while I fix this."
      Chat and Ladybug kept The Puppeteer distracted, whilst they did that I swept the girl and took her wand, snapping it as I landed. With this Ladybug trapped the 'akuma' and cleansed it.
"MIRACULOUS LADYBUG!" She yelled, and suddenly everything went back to normal.
"Hey um, who are you?" Asked Ladybug,
"Yeah, who might this beautiful prrrincess might be?"
"I'm Tigress, I recently got my miraculous so I might be seeing you guys around a bit more" I say as I winked at Chat.
"Well such prrrfect timing, we were thinking of getting a partner, so what do you thing princess? Pound it?"
      They both fist bump and look at me, I smile and joined in, "Pound it!"
Hope you guys liked this, it's a little longer than the original, but I corrected a lot more things! Enjoy

PEACE OUT ✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽

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