Part 39 🍡

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Leo's pov. I woke up feeling pretty good. Better than ever. Its been awhile since i felt this relieved. I feel like one of those Disney princesses that wake up on sunny mornings and birds that make pancakes for you and stuff. Leo's legs swung over the edge of his bed and stood up. He scratched his head as he walked towards his door. He always has his mask hanging on a hook next to his door. Its almost like a sacred spot. He never puts it anywhere else. He unhooked it and tied it behind his head as he walked out of his room. He usually has his door cracked at night. rarely you'll find it closed, and if its closed. It means he's meditating and wishes to not be disturbed. I was walking for the kitchen as I saw Splinter giving a speech kinda. I walked over and waited while listening to try and see what's going on. "Whats going on?" "Seems Raphael has gone missing." Splinter answers. "What?" (Donnie inter veins) "Yea seems like he just disappeared two nights ago." Donnie explained. "I thought he might've been jacking off in an abandon building or something" Mikey ads. "Michelangelo!" ~WACKED WITH A STICK~ "OWW..Sensei." "mikey thats gross." Donnie ads. "What like you haven't done it?" MIkey sassed. "Boys! We will wait until you all are done your Mating season to go find him. With your sex drives in overload, I can't say how well you will handle the average woman up above. Even if you have no intent, It CAN happen. Please just stay here until its over." "Hai Sensei." Myself/Donnie/and Mikey synced together. I went to the dojo to meditate. I like to do that before any stretching or practice. Leo closed the curtain to the dojo and sat on one of the carpets on the floor with 5 squares of carpet ready to be used. The flooring was naturally cement so the guys decided to make 5 squares of carpeting for cushion. Leo sat on his knees and his back straight, hands on his lap with his toes propping himself upward. He closed his jewel eyes and relaxed as he breathed in and out. (If this was a movie, flashes of Images of what he had done to you, including mikey as the camera zoomed in on him from the floor angle. Those images would flash through out his concentration as his eyes would flinch.) He then shot up realizing what he had done. Some how he had no memory of it. Perhaps it was because of his animalistic side taking over and not He Himself doing those actions. He breathed heavy with the Guilt he was feeling. He took off his mask and looked down at it in his Hand. He Threw it to the ground with anger and disbelief. He right after he threw it, He drew his sword and stabbed it into the ground. He stood there staring at his skewered mask with his chest puffing and sweat beading down him with fear of what he had done. He was the most honorable son. He was the most obedient. The most patient. The Leader. And now..Nothing more than scum on the bottom of the titanic in the ocean that devoured it. Like his soul. He took his sword out of the ground and picked up his mask. He walked out of the room with disappointment in himself. He walked into his own room and dropped his mask into the trash can. He sat on his bedside confused while contemplating.
Raphael's pov. I was sitting on the couch as you, Y/n was enjoying the outside world. I guess she really enjoys it. Especially since she's always cooped up in the sewers with me. I was knitting a sweater to calm my Cravings for sex. I was actually in a really Serene state until I saw you catch the corner of my eye. Raphael rested his hands onto his thighs. I was thinking about how I fell in love with you in the first place. It was 1 1/2 months after you got back. (pretty much flash backs around the 1st chapter). You were sitting on the couch with Raphael and Mikey. Mikey was always kinda touchy. He poke your sides, sometimes get kinda creepy with his hand on your thigh. You usually pick his hand up off of yourself and put his hand on the couch. That day you were wearing bootcutt jeans with white n' burgundy Adidas and a black polo that had a snug fit. You also had a Doctor Who BuckleDown belt on. You had your legs crossed over each other. You were laughing at something Mikey had said. Then nicki minaj came onto the television. "I don't understand why guys like her so much. Shes so screechy." "Yea but her ass is nice." Raph commented with a smile. "Her ass?" "Yea its so round and plump. Like u wanna squeeze it." Mikey chimed in. "You know we poop out of that thing right?" "Doesnt mean its not squishy." Raph continues. "Ugh thats gross." You added. "Whats gross." Leo asked. "Guys liking butts." You answered as you turned around on the couch with your arm on the back of it. "Oh" "Oh really? And what do you find attractive in men?" Raph sassed. No one's pov. You thought about it. What did you like in men? Was it the toned body? Messy hair? Big chest? Or brains? "I never really took much thought into it. I like whatever i fall for i guess." "pfft typical." You put your hands on your hips "Whats typical?" "nothin'" "no tell me." "I dont need to explain myself to you." "come on..teelll meeeee" you were complaining at this point. He laughed as he kept his mouth shut. "Ugh. Your impossible." You huffed as you stood up with your arms straightened with fists. You looked down at him then marched off the kitchen. He chuckled as he watched you walk away. "What was that about?" leo asked. Raph looked up at leo "Girls." Raph answered. He looked back over to you as you were bent over to get the milk out of the fridge. He stopped smiling as he sized up your butt with his eyes. He didn't realize how nice it was to begin with. He looked away before anyone noticed him staring. You came back over with the glass of milk in your hand as you were checking your phone for a second to see what time it was. You accidentally slipped on mikey's board he didn't put away. You screamed as your breasts hit the floor, the luckily cushioned your fall. Mikey lauged at you as leo and raph kinda just observed. You put your left hand on your head as you scratched it as you looked behind yourself. You then put your hand down on the broken glass from the milk. You hissed as you grabbed your wrist as you looked at your palm. Glass shards sparkled in the lighting "Hey Y/N. you ok?" Leo asked. You bit your lip "yea.." Raph stood up and escorted you to the bathroom. He put plopped you on the sink as he rummaged through the closet of stuff. He found a tiny grey plastic box full of First-Aid. He kneeled down in front of you as he took your hand into his. he looked really hard to find the small shards and try to pull them out with a Tweaser. He would see your hand flinch or hear a hiss from you as he pulled them out. He then took your wrist into his hand as he then put a bandage on the biggest cut. He then let you hop of the sink. "Thanks raphael." you smiled big :D "No problem." He put everything away in the closet again. he washed hands as he stopped to think. "her wrist was so tiny." he thought to himself. He then went back to washing his hands.
He then left the bathroom to see Leo's arm around you from across the room. Raph's one eye squinted a bit as they narrowed. His upper lip crunched upward a bit. He left for the dojo. He didn't wanna see that. He took his sai's off the wall and spun them in his hands; it gave the illusion of Red circles. He then jumped in the air with a high kick and had his sai's points against his foreArm as the butt of them were facing outward ready to punch someone. He punched them in the air then did an axe kick aerial and then spun his sai's around his thumbs so now the points are facing outward as he stabbed the air over and over. Then he twirled his body in a circle with a kick here and there as he then flung his one sai over to a target dummy as he was moving around. He then turned around, his legs far apart and bent with his one elbow bent back with his other arm stretched out as the butts of his sai's were facing you. You flinched staring at him as he stared at you. His heart thumped hard as his breath was exiting through his lips. You lifted your hand up as you waved softly "hey" He relaxed as he stood up. "aren't you watching TV with leo and mikey?" "well i was.. but i kinda got bored of tv. And i saw you come in here and i wanted to watch you practice." he rose a brow but he then turned around without giving an answer and continued his sparring with no one. He would glance fast now and then to see if your still there or not. You were just sitting like a pretzel on the floor as you watched him. He stopped and then looked over his shoulder to see your still there. You took your hands and only moved your fingers to make clapping sounds as your palms were stiff and still. You clapped as he then smiled without showing his teeth. He turned to face you as he walked over to you and sat next to you. He relaxed his shell against the wall as he put his hands on each of his thighs. "You were amazing. I really envy you guys sometimes. I wanna be a ninja but I'm..well i'm me XD" He chuckled. "Nah i think you'd be a fine kunoichi." "Kunoichi?" "Female ninja" "Oh. (Facepalm) I should'a known that." "Come on." "where are we going?" you asked. "Just come on." "Alrightyyy." You followed him. "Oh wait, almost forgot." he went back to wall and hung his sai's up. You looked up at the naginata hanging on the wall. "I gotta ask. For people who live in the sewers. How do you even get these weapons? Like seriously." "We..uh..Well..we stole them." "What?" "Well..There was a robbery once at the old lil' ninja Shop; which is closed down now but back then there was a robbery and once we got there to stop it. I must remind you we were like 6.--" he was cutt off. "Wait why are you guys at age of 6 trying to stop a robbery??" "We left the sewers without splinter's permission. Anyways. Once we got there, we tried to stop them but they just pushed us and punched us and screamed Monsters. And they left without their bags of stolen goods. We looked around for the owner but was no where to be seen. Cops showed up and we panicked so we grabbed the bags and left." "Sooo 6 year old you, stole this stuff." "More or less." "Wow. never thought that you peeps would've stolen dis' stuff." "Yea yea can we drop it?" "Oh i didnt mean to make it seem like i was harping on you, its just..-breaths deep- alright i'm done XD" "Come on you." he walked out as you followed and went into the kitchen to get something to drink. Raphael without you realizing was staring at you, as you were talking to Mikey whom who was also at the kitchen table before you two showed up. You laughed, smiled big, and teared up a few times from the laughing. There was even a time where you were clapping like a retarded seal and nothing but air was coming out. He didn't realize until now that your wearing makeup. Lavender eye shadow and black eyeliner with Mascara. In his vision of you, its like you were in slow motion as you pulled your hair behind your ear as you closed your eyes and then opened them to look over at him as your eyes looked really sexy to him. "What is this annoying feeling for her? dammit, i like it but i dont like it. Its confusing. i wanna be near her, i wanna touch her. i wonder what she really feels like if i brushed my hand along her skin. Her hair...Its so pretty. I wannaa..touch it." Raphael was so entranced with his thoughts he had actually started touching your hair. Mikey and you were staring at him. "Bruh, what you doin?" Mikey asked. Raphs eyes opened a bit more as he finally reached reality. He looked at mikey giving him a weird look as you were gawking at him with your mouth opened. "Raph? Are you okay?" you asked concerned. "Yea..yea I'm fine." He said as he retreated his hand and cupped his glass with the hand that was on your hair. He cleared his throat as he looked away embarrassed. "Ha! Raphs blushing! I've never seen him embarressed." "SHUD AP!" "NAH BRO look at yourself." "I'm gonna punch you so hard you'll see yourself!!" Raph got up as he reached for mikey. Mikey ran away afraid as he screamed. *After dinner* Leo, don, Mikey, and raph, including Splinter were at the table enjoy ice cream. They only owned two flavors. Vanilla or Mint chocolate chip. You didn't really have any. You weren't in the mood. "Oh hey wanna be the first to hear me read my lines for a commercial! I figured while i'm in the city i might as well try Life out XD" "yea sure." "kewl, cause i haven't even read them yet :D" You reached into your backpack by your feet. you cleared your throat. "Oh my god yes, i want You big cock What the frick frack is this crap! WHAT!" Splinter looked at you with a facial expression that was hard to read as the others stared at you not sure what to do. "well i think i'm done here." splinter simply puts as he walked away. Mikey busted out laughing as Leo chuckled. You dropped your forehead onto the table as you groaned. "Oh yea keep adding on to that Y/N.' Mikey adds as he keeps laughing. Donnie laughed after that comment. "I'm sure it wasn't that bad Y/N." Raph trying to help you. You rolled your head over to its side your face its On its actual side as you looked up at him from across the table. "yassss it wuuzzz." you whine as you put the paper over your face. "I wanna go die in a hole." you mumbled. "Awe come on y/n it was funny." leo helping you somehow. You sat up as you put the paper on the table. You looked at it as you realized on the other side was your commercial. somehow a porno script got on the other side. On the other side of the city. "Hey kenny, where's that porno script?" Back at the turtles home
You were being escorted home by Raphael. He was really insistent but it didn't bother you. He carried you with his one arm as his other arm would help him swing around or move something out of the way as he ran across rooftops. He reached the window to your room. He opened it for you as he waited to close it until you were inside. Once he closed it, your turned around to wave. He smiled and then jumped down to the cement, which was 6 floors down or so. He looked up to see you still watching him then turned around to go do something. He looked down to see a broken mirror in the trash area for your building. Some pieces of the mirror were gone but he could still see himself. he exhailed through his nose "She could never love me." He turned around to see a manhole and went home ~Present day on the farm~ Raph looked down at his hands to see he was still in the process of knitting. He looked back up to the window to see your hair blow through the wind as you looked over your shoulder to see him through the window. You waved with a big smile. And then formed a heart with your hands. He smiled and waved. You could tell he chuckled due to his shoulders moving up and down.

Leo's pov.
I've made myself stay in the hashi for over 16 hours so far. This pain ISNT ENOUGH. I need more pain! "Woah dude. Whats with the dark red mask?" "Its symbolizes Shame, michelangelo." Leo answered. "Haven't heard you use my full name. You only use it when your really upset or mad. Did raph do something?" mikey using his baby voice "No." "Did you do something?" Leo's eyes looked over at Mikey at gave him a death stare. "GO!" "alright, alright, I just came in for my board." Leo went back to punishing himself. "NOT ENOUGH!" he yelled. MIkey flinched and then just left his board ran out of the room. "What the hell is wrong with him?" Mikey asked outloud to himself. Donnie came in 15 minutes later after hearing about whats going on with Leo. Donnie knocked on the wood of a stool in the room. "What." Leo sternly asked. "Hey there buddy..How ya doin." Donnie using a voice as if Leo is a mental patient. "Go away." Donnie nods as he looks at leo "Or" Donnie adds as a he puts his two fingers together and points them at leo. "Or, we could talk." "I don't want to talk Don." "Sure you do." "No, I don't." Leo loosing his temper. "Alright, well then don't talk. just listen." Leo looks at him with his Cold blue eyes. "I don't know whats happened in your own personal life. But I don't think getting mad at your family is the way to do it. And i don't think punishing yourself is the answer either. Perhaps if you face your problem at the core. Then perhaps then you'll be free. And we are all here for." Don turns around to walk away. he stopped at the door way and looked over his shoulder and his brother "Your not alone." Don leaves as Leo Contemplates. To be continued

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