Part 26 - Unstoppable

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Can we just take a moment

Look at Jellal getting protective over his bae Erza


I forever need this ship in my life honestly. Almost like as much as I need Kyo x Hiyori but not as much.


I dropped my shirt and stepped into the running shower. Immediately, savoring the feeling of the warm water running down my body. I'd woken up with Jako's arms around me, and his face buried alive in my hair. Like he wanted to move in or something. I would have freaked except I remembered him wrapping his arms around me and me wrapping my arms around him. I as I lathered the soap on my arm I felt my gaze becoming more and more intense as I thought about it.

What was I thinking?

What am I thinking?

I glanced outside the shower as my phone buzzed on the bathroom counter.

So early?

Who would be-?

I tensed thinking of my mom. She was probably pissed. It was a little strange I still hadn't heard from her any way. I hadn't seen my Father in a long time. Well, I hadn't spent time with him. He'd come back late at night and then be gone for the next four days. I guess that was just work.

I sighed as my mind drifted back to Jako.

He was...attractive, strange, weird, hidden, fake, and...

And what?

I moved on to my back, and my thighs. It felt good massaging the soap into my skin and I thought about Kadri. I wanted to bathe naked in the shower with him so badly. 

"Lila, can I come in? I need to brush my teeth." Jako's deep voice came suddenly from the door. I jumped in the shower, and felt my heartbeat quicken. I glanced around, panicking slightly. The glass surrounding me was completely fogged so it wasn't like he could see anything anyway, but still...

I hesitated with my response, but I said it and moved on.

"Yeah, fine whatever!"

I cleared my throat nervously and moved on to slather the soap on my chest, and my stomach, slowly going father and farther down until I was cleaning my ankles. I reached for the shampoo I'd brought inside the shower and washed my hair. Then as I was reaching for the conditioner he asked a question.

"Are you ok?"

I cleared my throat again.

"Why wouldn't I be?" I asked, turning towards his voice carefully. I dropped my arms to my side at his silence and stood, the water running warmly over my hair and my shoulders and down my back until it dripped down onto the floor of the shower. I almost moaned.

"There's breakfast downstairs. We should go before it ends."

"Got it." I said, turning back towards the front of the shower. I waited until I heard the door close and then turned off the water. I climbed out of the shower, and grabbed my pastel blue towel to cover myself with. I clambered over to the sink, and pulled my hair over my shoulder. I wanted to dye it soooo badly. Maybe, a light orange with cherry ends. I brushed my teeth, watched my face and then changed into black skinny jeans along with a black bralette that I'd gotten a little while ago when Kadri kissed me. I don't know why I packed it but I'm wearing it whatever. Not like it matters anymore.

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