Reading Books

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Ray: *Holds book upside down* I can't read it! >:(

David: *Rolls eyes*

Jonathan: My book is about morgues! :D

Head: *Slams his book down* Really?! I wanna read it!!!

Jonathan: No. Mine. >:(

Whole class: *Glares at Jonathan and Head*

Head: Whatchu looking at!? You wanna fight?! Let's go!

Whole class: *Slowly looks away*

Head: Yeah, that's what I thought! >:)

David: *Sighs* Barbarians.

Head: Whatchu call me?

David: I called you a barbarian.

Head: What's that mean?

David: *Explains what a barbarian is*

Head: What?

David: *facepalm*

Munky: *Quietly reads book*

Fieldy: *Has feet up on desk* *Not reading*

Ray: I still can't read! :D

So, yeah, Ray is an idiot, lol. Head isn't much better, though. So, peace out! Hope you liked it.

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