Dear Diary of Mine... [My Public Diary] December 30, 2009

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Dear Diary of Mine... [My Public Diary]

December 30, 2009



Dear Diary,


My day!


I'm typing, as if my life depends on it, I'm sure I won't go nowhere, but I'm trying, I don't think I'll post any stories today, but it's possible o another day, hopefully.

Letter Attack!!!


Help me!!!


Today Mary and Amy came over, it was so fun!!!



Anyways, we ate lasagna, cake, and lots of soda, we then played on the wii, and went outside for some nature.....


Anyways, we then played some poker cards, but not poker, we played 'Ken', it's a really fun game, I should teach you, but on another day, when I'm not near a possible mental break down.


I wrote like about 30 songs!!




I'll post some today, I think....

They're mostly the original stupidities I write down, but it's mostly what only comes out of my brain, as songs.

I have a silly song!!!

I haven't done them in a while, so yeah, there are some silly stupid songs, some out of the blue songs, and some, I really don't know from which planet they came.

Bye, bye gotta run


Lola and Dict(ionary)

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