Chapter 63

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We had woken up early that morning, eaten breakfast, and then Matt had revealed his return to the rest of the family. Needless to say, Kim and Amy were ecstatic, and my dad gave him a firm handshake and a welcome back.

After breakfast, Kim had urged Matt to pack some clothes for the weekend, and we were rather quickly off, driving on the freeway to Vegas to visit family again.

Matt was restless in the car, and Kim would not let him stay quiet for more than a minute. The most commonly asked questions were “where were you” and “what were you doing?” and “you didn’t get into some sort of trouble, did you?”

Of course, Matt was reluctant to answer all of them, but eventually told her that he had been staying at Brian’s. Kim was not impressed.

I could understand and empathise with her angle, I mean; she had only just lost one child. I couldn’t imagine how she’d be able to cope losing another.

Apart from Kim’s interrogation, the conversation was rather rough and minimal. Nobody wanted to talk to anybody else, and everyone was too scared to say anything out of worry that they would hit a raw nerve with another family member.

Matt had no idea what had gone on in his absence, and I think that was part of the reason why he simply could not sit still for the life of him.

“How long will it be until we’re there?” Amy asked, somewhat impatiently, as she sat in the very back of the car with Josh.

“About another half hour” my dad called back. “Not long now.”

She smiled and sat back. We were driving down at a rather steady speed, and hadn’t bothered to take any breaks so that the tedious car ride would be over as soon as possible.

“We should be there for lunch time” he smiled. She nodded in response, but I didn’t really think that she cared. She knew what she wanted, and couldn’t be bothered with anything else. She was like me, in a lot of ways.

“I’m not sticking around” I announced. “I’m meeting the girls at Linds’ place and we’re going from there.”

“Going where?” my dad called back.

“I don’t know” I lied. I knew exactly what we were doing. I just didn’t want him knowing what we were going to be getting up to.

“Are you taking Matt with you?” Kim asked. “And Amy too?”


“I’d rather not go mom” Amy interjected before I could even finish and articulate my response. “I’ll stay with you guys.”

“Well I’m going. Charlotte has an attractive friend” Matt laughed, almost as an indirect hit towards me.

“Oh?” Kim asked, turning around and smiling.

“We sort of…had a thing…going on…the last time we were here” he laughed again. I couldn’t help but laugh at what he was saying – beginning to realise that it was most likely me he was talking about, as it was with the date story.

“Oh?” Kim asked again. “And how old is this girl?”

“Charlotte’s age” he told them, not even bothering to care. Although, I began to see the reasons behind why he was acting like that.

“Oh” Kim replied, this time not bothering to heighten the register of her voice and make it into a question.

Matt smiled and turned out of the window. I really wasn’t sure, but I couldn’t help but think that Matt was only acting like that to see their reaction to him dating someone my age.

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