"Fine. We can go to dinner. Where do you wana go?" she said and I took a sigh of relief. That was honestly easier than I thought it would have been. Usually when Brittany said she didn't want to go out, she wasn't going, no matter how much convincing I did

"We can go to Lumix." I said mentioning her favorite Hibachi restaurant that me and Lance planned her dinner at before walking into my closet and walking toward the dress that Lance had brought for her to wear.

"Okay cool. Should I get dressed up?" she yelled from the room and I walked out the closet with the dress.

"Yea, I think you should wear this." I said holding the dress in front of her and I saw her eyes widen.

"Chanel, that dress is beautiful." she said taking it out ofmy hands and staring at it. "Ohhh McQueen, have you even put this on yet? It looks brand new" I shook my head in response

"No. It's brand new, but, you can wear it. I think it'll look better on you." I smiled leanig against my closet door pane.

"No. This dress is too beautiful for me to wear and you haven't even touched it yet."

"Well I don't care." I shrugged "I want you to have it, so take it. End of discussion." I smirked before walking into the closet to get my outfit ready. My phone went off in my ack pocket and I fished it out, revealing a text from Lance

Lance 703pm: How's it going? I know she wasn't in the best mood today

Me 703pm: She's coming. We're getting ready now.

Lance 704: Great. I'm too nervous right now. Does she like the dress?

Me 705: Lol don't be. There's no way she's gonna say no. And yes, she LOVED the dress. She almost didn't wanna put it on. She thinks its mine, so I low key had to force her lol

Lance 705: Good, good. Well I'll let you guys finish getting ready. Get my Wife here safe

Me 706: She has to say "I do" first

Lance 706: She don't gotta say I do, that's my wifey' no matter what. Now shut up and get ready.

Me 707: Don't get crazy Midnight✋🏾✋🏾

I shook my head and smiled before putting my phone on my vanity and putting my clothes on. My make up we already done, since I applied some this afternoon before going to work so all I had to do as get dressed.

I slipped on all black, sleeveless and semi turtleneck dress and some red Jimmy Choos. As I put on my shoes, I remembered that I was supposed to give Brittany the shoes that Lance brought to go with the dress. Just then she walked into my closet with the dress on.

"Nelly, I don't have any shoes to wear." she said and I grabbed the box and gave her the Dior pumps.

"You can wear these" I said

"Okay thanks" We quickly finished getting ready and we were on our way to the restaurant.

"Hi. Party name is Montgomery." I told the Maitre D at the entrance of the restaurant.

"Right this way," he said with a nod before walking us to the back, where Lance booked the private room.

"Why are we going to the back?" Brittany asked as we followed behind the hostess as he led us to the back room.

"Oh, Lance wanted to come out too, so we just rented the back room for a little privacy," I replied.

"But why couldn't we just sit--"

"Here we are ladies." The hostess said opening the door to the back room.

"Hey everyone," I said walking into the room and greeting everyone that was here. I turned around to see Brittany had a smile on her face

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