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Pen Your Pride

Hey Everyone <3

Sorry I haven't uploaded in a while! I know it's short but please tell me what you think in a comment ;) Oh and don't forget to VOTE! 


Sparkling chandeliers and spotless marble floors, mouthwatering food and elegant looking guest were mingling everywhere. I sighed as I remembered last night, My feet still slightly hurt but it was worth yesterdays fun. I remembered Jackie in her beautiful dress and Zach looking dashing in his expensive looking tuxedo. My phone started ringing and I smiled, speak of the devil.

“Hey.” Jackie chirped. “What’s poppin pumpkin?” She started giggling uncontrollably like the idiot she is.

“Jackie? Are you high!” I laughed.

“Guess what!” She yelled and I winced.

“What?” I asked.

“I have BIG news!” She yelled estaticaly.

“Ow Jackie my ear! What? What is it? Spill.” I said.

“Guessss!” She said.

“Whaaaat?!” I asked getting annoyed.

“Wait ..” I heard the speaker being muffled with her hand. “Okay, get ready. I’m coming to pick you up!” She said.

“Jackie!” I yelled. She laughed and hung up .. on my face! Bitch.

I got up and skipped to my closet. Hmm? What would you want to wear on your ultimate LAST day of school? Now I know I sounded oh-so-very calm and collected about this. But hell, I was anything but collected. I’ve went to this school for all my life, I’ve grown up with all these people, I’ve pulled pranks, wrote tests, gotten in trouble, auditioned for plays etc. I could go on and on .. But instead I ignored my heavy heart and concentrated on my clothes. Now you’d think I’d want to be dazzling, awfully beautiful and gorgeous so people could remember me that way. But I though otherwise, I wanted to look simple. Not too plain or too fancy. So people can remember me as me.

After a quick shower I put on my ‘chosen’ outfit. It was a stylish loose sleeveless blouse, with vibrant colors, it was light and comfortable. I paired it with white denim short shorts and adorable strappy sandals. It was the total summer-ish look, vivid and radiant! I didn’t bother with make-up except for some lipgloss. As soon as I put the lipgloss in my book-bag I heard a long series of loud honking.

“Dammit Jackie, I thought you quit that.” I cursed under my breath as I ran down the stairs. I waved at my parents, and pecked Aaron on the cheek. “Carmen, you need a ride?” I asked skidding to halt. She shook her head her eyes amused. ‘Got one’ she mouthed. I smiled and resumed running, since that bitch was still honking.

“JACKIE!” I yelled over the loud music, as a feeling of deja vu swept over me.

“Hey there mate!” She said giving me a cheesy smile as she lowered the volume and I hopped in the car.

“Do you have to do that? In the morning no less?!” I asked exasperated.

“It’s part of my charm.” She said winking. “And besides ..” She said facing the steering wheel. “The neighbors love me.”

I rolled my eyes at her. “Dude, you do not know what people would do to get their beauty sleep.”

She smirked. “Those bags of hanging skin have no beauty left.”

“Jackie!” I said smacking her, Mr and Mrs Baker were adorable old people!


Tic Toc.

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