New Character: Perfect Cell

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When you meet:

(Your POV)

      I was going to go get some stuff with my friend Chi-Chi. Her husband Goku was out training for the day with their son, Gohan.  "I swear, if Gohan gets killed, Goku's not gonna hear the end of it!" Chi-Chi said. "He'll be fine, Chi-Chi. He is is the son  Goku, may I add, is the strongest person I know, except when you went Kio-Ken." She just giggled at me. "Really though. It's either Goku or Vegeta. Goku's too nice to be an alpha male, and Veggie is always mad, angry. And sometimes I think he just doesn't like me." I said to her. "Don't get that way. He hates everyone." I smiled lightly. "Well, what else do we need?" Nothing else, (Y/n)." I nodded to her and we went home.

             (Time skip by Mascara Vegeta!)

    I was at my own house laying smash brothers and this guy came to my house. "You should really get to a shelter." "You think a shelter can stop Cell?" I asked about to burst out laughing. "Yes," the guy said, "its the only way to keep residence safe from it." I shut the door on him, went back to my game and got bored for the rest of the day. A few hours of gaming, it was a bug man thing, which I believe was Cell, came to my house.  "Hang on!" I went the door and saw him there. "Hello." I said looking up at him. "Hello." He smirked down at me. "Are you scared?" He asked me looking surprised. "Nope!" I chirped happily. "You're weird." "It's the new normal." He sighed. "Can I come in?" "Nope." "Geez, I'll go then." "Nah, I was joking. Of course you can come in!" "Really?" "No." "Screw you Person I don't know." I giggled at him. "(Y/n)." "Bye. I assume you know my name." "Well duh. Bye." He just left.  


(Your POV)

       Like before, I was playing video games. Mostly Smash and Mario Cart 8. I paused my game and  went to the door, because I heard the door, duh. "God dammit Cell!!" "What got you pissed?" "You made me pause my game!" "What are ya playing?" "Fine come in! I wanna fight someone right now." "Martial arts?" "No!!" "Geez, (y/n)... *sweat drops*" "What? Just come in Cicada Cell." "Finally someone knows what I am!" "Yeah, I giant blue eyed Cicada." "And you even no the race!" "Shouldn't everyone know?" 'Whatever." For the rest of the day, we kinda just played video games.

Hanging out- 

(His POV)

    I was with (Y/n) the while day, to admit, this is fun. It was a boring day though. We kept taking glances and trying to do out best smirks and smolders. I got her to laugh twice. All hers were just Goku's and the other z fighters. My favorite one so far was Vegeta's signature smirk. "Did you tell Gohan?" I started. "Tell Gohan what?" "That you let him die." "I'm gonna power up now." "I would be disappointed if you didn't." We started to laugh. Her laugh was amazing, with the rest of her body... That sounded weird. How does a Cicada blush? Tell me that. Well, she's a perfect being like me. You're either perfect, or you're not me... I thought smirking in my head. "Have you ever thought that Antarctica is upside down?" "I would never think that (Y/n)." "Oh." I smiled at her and hanged upsidedown.

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