Prologo:How It's Start

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Prologo:How It's Start

Have you ever heard about "Never make a deal with the devil?"

It's impossible for you to never have heard about it. Just so you know this is about how the gate of hell being open. Making monsters from hell appear to this world.

It all started when a young man accidently took a wrong luggage in the bus station. It was love at first sight. They knew they were meant to be together and started getting to know each other.

The man and the woman got married after a year. His wife was the most beautiful woman in that town. All people have heard how beautiful she was. They lived happily with just the both of them. But they want to add another member into the family. After trying so hard and praying, the wife finally got pregnant. They were so happy hearing the news. Both of them started to prepare for the baby's arrival. They were so excited for their first-born child. It didn't matter if they got a girl or a boy. As long as their unborn child was healthy, they will give all their love for the child.

A few months have passed and finally the time for the wife to give birth for their child has arrived. After long hours of waiting finally the husband get to see both his child and his beloved wife.

The husband cried tears of joy when he saw his daughter lying beside his wife. He kisses both of them. That day he was the happiest man alive. His wife was safe from giving birth to their daughter and the daughter was healthy. She has her mother's eyes, while her hair is like her father's. The three of them lived happily together.

They thought nothing will ever change. But they didn't know because of the wife's beauty even after giving birth, her beauty is still the same as before. Many people envied the couple. This jealousy final reach its peak when one of the townspeople killed the wife when she refused to divorce with her husband.

After a tiring day at work the husband came home only to find blood all over the living room. At the center of the living room was his wife. Laying in a pool of blood. Without second a thought he ran to his wife. Calling and calling his wife's name without getting any sort of response. He lost hope when he felt his wife's cold finger.

Suddenly he heard a cry. A cry of his daughter. Slowly he put his wife down and stand up to find his daughter. After getting the infant, he kisses her forehead and cried. He cried for the loss of his wife. He cried because he knew his daughter would never see her mother. He cried because he will never see his wife's gentle smile or hearing her wonderful laugh. But it's okay. He will raise their daughter for both of them.

A month passed after the wife passed away. The police said that his wife was murdered and raped from the condition of her body. He tried to think of a suspect but he couldn't come up with anyone. He knew he has to find the culprit for his wife, but he also knew that his wife wouldn't like if when he neglects their daughter.

2 months later, rumors start in town. They say that the husband killed his wife because the wife wanted to divorce, the husband wanted a heir but he got a daughter so he killed his wife, the husband started to love the child more than a daughter and the wife try to take the daughter away resulting the loss of her life.

At first the husband just brushes it off and continue taking care of his daughter. But when the townsfolk start to accuse him of killing his own wife and dragging him to the police. He told them many times he would never kill his wife but they said he was lying. They said they will kill him and his daughter because they believe that the husband will commit incest when the daughter grows up.

He was beaten by the townsfolk. They want him to say that he killed his beloved wife. He kept his lips sealed. When they realized that the husband wouldn't admit anything, they start thinking of a new plan. Which involved the infant that was covered with a blanket. When the husband saw that the townsfolk started to walk of the direction of his daughter, he finally lost it.

He curses the townsfolk for believing a lie. He curses the one that took his wife's life from him. He cursed the people who tried to hurt his precious daughter. That day he promised to get back to them for what they have done to me. Even if it meant to make a deal with the devil himself. He didn't care. The only thing he cared right now was his daughter.

When the devil himself stand in front of him to make a deal. What do you think the husband do? You guessed it, he made a deal with the devil to kill everyone in this town except his precious daughter. For exchange the devil will get his soul that was tainted black with hatred. But before he died, he wanted to know the one that killed his wife. He wanted to kill him with his own two hands or maybe torture him before killing him.

After the devil granted the wish, the husband kissed his daughter one last time and apologizes to his wife's grave because he can no longer take care of their daughter. With his body soaked with the townsfolk blood he walked to the devil. With a wicked smile on his face the devil took the husband's black soul. The devil himself felt so fascinated with the man's black soul.

For the first time, he saw a soul so black with hatred. He thought for a second and tried to open the gate of hell with the soul. He was surprised when he saw the gate of hell opened. Hundreds no thousands of monsters come out from the gate. He smiles evilly. It's time to take over this world. Before he stepped inside the hell realm, from the corner of his eyes he saw a low-level demon try to eat the infant from before.

He didn't know why but he killed the monster before it can harm the infant. Then, an idea pop-up in his mind. Maybe he can get another black soul from the infant like her father. With evil grin on his face, he slowly walked to the infant.

He touched the infant's chest where the heart should be and put a spell. More like a curse to bind the infant and his son together. A red light surrounded them and slowly starts to dim. A mark appears on the infant's chest. Standing up he walked to the gate and looked back at the infant one last time before stepping inside hell realm. He can't wait for the infant to grow up. He smiled to himself thinking what will happen.

On that day, more than a thousand of lives were killed by the hell monsters because of this event an agency appeared to fight against these hell creatures. The name of the agency is 'Black Op'. After the appearance of the 'Black Op' the number of hell creatures rapidly decreases from the face of earth.

To be a part of this agency. The person will have to pass the entrance exam. The entrance exam is not a writing test nor a speaking test. People call it The Hell Test. Why? Because the ones that took the exam but didn't pass say that not only was the exam very hard it can also make you insane just for taking the exam.

And now folks that how this story begins.


I apologize for any error.I hope you like it.This is the first book I ever write.

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