Underneath It All - 18+ LGBT MM Romance

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Underneath It All

Book 4 in the Decadent Series, by Elaine White.

Underneath it all, he just wants to be normal.




After being diagnosed as schizophrenic, Giovanni is having a hard time adjusting. Haunted by what he did to Tam two years ago, he's sworn off having relationships, for fear of hurting someone else.

But when he meets feisty, fiery red-head Darren at a frat party, he indulges in the bad boy for one night. Except, Darren isn't the bad boy rumours say he is and their one night stand doesn't go to plan.

On paper, they could never work as a couple. But in the heat of the moment, they can't keep away from each other. But with both hiding dark secrets from their past, can they move forward together, without releasing their demons? Or will an attempt at 'normality' reveal the harsh truth that, underneath it all, they just want to be loved?


To read an extract, you can view it on my website. This book is for 18+ ONLY.


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