Chapter 5

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I want to touch you the way sunbeams touch the grass -- warmly, lightly . . .

 I want to hold you the way darkness holds the stars-- gently, nightly . . .

I want to kiss you the way raindrops kiss the flowers -- slowly, sweetly . . .

I want to love you the way the earth loves the sky -- constantly, completely.



Chapter 5


The next morning the girls meet at the house for breakfast. Everyone was happy and ready to talk about what happened with Erika and Lorenzo.

“So Harley, I heard you were all mad last night when you got home?” Angel asked.

“Yes that damn Jim the PI hot piece of ass, is not going for all my usual moves.” Harley tells Angel.

“Ahhh, how the mighty have fallen” Raven snickerws at Harley.

“Shut up, if mom and dad were still alive they would die. Look at all your tattoo’s. I know you said you got more, but man girl.” Harley tells Raven.

“I think they're Hot” said Tom earning a glare from Harley.

“So when’s the wedding?” Raven asked Brooklyn Rose, hoping to change the subject.

That brought on a discussion of their brides maid dresses. They all gagged since Brooklyn Rose was hoping to get them in a pastel yellow dress. Then she told them it was set for 2 weeks from that day.


Erika’s POV

“Oh Lorenzo I’m so happy.” I tell him as he parks the car in front of the house.

Last night was so magical. Even my punishment turned me on. Today he showed me the other things that water table did. I felt my face blush just remembering how he tied me to it face down and paddled my bottom. Just my skirt rubbing against my skin is sending delicious pain my way as I walk.

“Stop looking like that or I’ll take you home this minute” He tells me.

I look up at him and smile. I unlock the door and walk into swatches of silk on the table and a crowed of not so happy looking ladies.

“What’s with the frowns?” I ask.

“Look at the color for our dresses Brooklyn Rose picked.” Harley says as she raises a swatch of pastel yellow.

“I like it” I say and they all groan. Well everyone except for Brooklyn Rose who is smirking.

“Guys we have some news” I tell them trying to not smile so wide.

“Yeah, Yeah we know you told him you love him . So when’s the wedding?” Kinky asked.

I pout at them. I should have figured. Who would know me better than I know myself but my girls. I smirk at them.

“No I have bigger news than that” I smile wide as Lorenzo wraps his arms around my waist from behind. He places his chin on my shoulder making me shiver.

Just then Raven cracks an egg in greasy oil and the smell wafts to me turning my face almost green.

“Erika are you ok?” Harley asked.

I take off running to the bathroom and spew all the breakfast I had. I felt my body get clammy and my stomach rolled again. Lorenzo came in to the bathroom and between hurling I screamed at him to get out.

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