The Alpha and the Oracle - YA Shifter PNR

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The Alpha and the Oracle, book 1 in The Belesone Pack Trilogy, by Elaine White

He may be the Alpha, but he's just met his match.



The Alpha of the Belesone Pack, Milo, is stunned to find that the Elders have chosen a mate for him. At nearly twenty years of age, he should have mated by now. But although he can sense her, she proves elusive. To discover that the Elders have chosen a mate that is not his true mate, the one he is destined to be with, is bad enough. When he discovers that they have chosen Katarina Torlov, the runt of the pack, as his bride, it's beyond a joke. But Milo soon discovers that Katarina is much more than she seems.


To read an extract, you can view it on my website.

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