Junior - Tied

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"Yah can you stop playing with Yugyeom!" I yelled to Junior beside me that kept playing with Yugyeom, rather than me and I'm getting annoyed.

"Okay. Mark, let's go buy Ice cream for this hot tempered lady." I was taken aback and grew furious. What's wrong with him!

"Yahhh!Aish" I screamed but they ran outside already. That guy!!

"Yugyeom, let's play video games. I'm starting to get really bored here." I turn to him and stare bluntly at him, since he's the only one left.

"I'm really starting to get really really bored." I repeated.

"Okay" He agreed, just following orders. He setup the controllers.

"Let me win to make me feel better" I hold onto the controller, looking straight ahead to the TV.

"Why noona?" He asked, "let's just play and get off my grill" I hissed at him, being sensitive about the thoughts of Junior.

Moments later, both of us got immersed in the game, it was a tie. I forgot about my problem and think about the video game and how much fun I'm having with yugyeom.

"Come on yugyeom, stop cheating" I scoot closer to him and push him with my shoulder to avoid him from winning.

"I said let me win" I continue on pushing him but you're still losing.

"Yah!!" I yelled and push him more to finally catch up on him.

"Yahh!!!" A louder shout was heard and I was shocked and surprised. The door flew open to reveal a furious-looking-Junior.

"Uh-ohh" Yugyeom whispered knowing we messed up. I look at our situation and we were very close to each other because I was trying to cheat by distracting him. I messed up.

"Come with me." He mumbles. I didn't get to hear it at first, so I asked him.


"I SAID COME WITH ME!" His voice was heard across the room, it was scary.

He was laying on his bed with his arms crossed, sad.

"I crossed the line right? I'm sorry." I step in and close the door behind.

"You know, I just get jealous so easily. I don't want you playing and being with another guy." I sat by his feet as he lay trying to explain to me what he wants to say, calmly.

"I'm so sorry. I was just exhausted and I just wanted to play some video games to relieve stress." I lay beside him facing him and hugging him trying to lure him into just forgetting it, because it means nothing than a friendly game.

"Then let's relieve stress" A smirk formed on his face and he sat up, pulling my shoulders pinning me to the bed.

He started putting light kisses on my neck. I was about to moan whe--

"Don't you dare moan little princess, Daddy is gonna be the one to tell you when you can do it." He said in between kisses. His arms pull both of mine to strertch to reach the post of the bed, making my neck and and chest more open.

He had a handkerchief and he tied my hands together to the post of the bed. I can't loosen it free, it's tied tightly.

"You're my little princess tonight." He whispered as he kissed me on the lips.

We started making out and he crawled on top of me looking at me, scanning every inch of my body while biting his lips.

He squeeze my boobs with both of his hands and giggled, before ripping it apart revealing my black pair of bra. He smiled, contended of what he is seeing. He place light kisses on my knees going to my inner thighs. I bit my lips trying not to moan. His lips were soft and I can't help myself.

"I promise to make you feel happy tonight. And myself too" he look up to me.

His hands were travelling everywhere and he managed to take of my shorts, also revealing my black panties, I am so embarrassed.

"Why are you blushing? Are you embarrassed honey ? These black underwear actually turns me on." He chuckled and I smiled black as a sign of relief.

We kissed again, but now he's the one undressing himself. I can feel my umderwear soaking seeing his lean and sexy body. He's the type that hides this goodness from everybody, but I'm glad I am the only one seeing this.

"Shall we start?" He asked, fixing a strand of my hair and hainging it behind my ears. I nodded yes.

His hands travel to my wet clit and he started rubbing it in a circular motion. Faster and faster and faster and faster and faster. My toes were streched and I really want to come but he won't let me. I tried closing my legs bit he would open it wide for him again to rub it much faster.

"Can I please come? Please?" I begged.

"Sorry I have to deny. We're just getting started" He smirk again, making me jump as his dick slide inside of me.

We were face to face, he kissed myforehead before he started thrusting. Oh my, he's big.

Mmhhh, I bit my lips feeling him inside going in and out slowly. Mmmmmmhhh. His hands hugged my waist and his lips that was on my neck, goes down to my boobs and place kisses on them, adding ecstacy and making me moan.

His pace got a little faster and his kisses were everywhere but not sloppy making my toes tingle everytime it lands on different parts on my body.

He started sucking on my nipples and his pace started getting faster and faster. My lips were begging him to let me come. He pushed my legs wide open and thrust much faster sending one of his hands on my pussy rubbing it faster as he thrust.

My back started arching and finally a moan escape my lips and it was a delight.

"Yes yes yes yes sir" I whispered as I close my eyes shut feeling his dick thrust inside of me again and again, so fast and hiting the right spot.

We both reach climax.

"Oh I love you Junior. Please remember that you will only be my only one." I whispered to him with my eyes still shut in deep trance of this orgasmic feeling.

"I love you too so much. And you're only mine" I felt a light kiss on my forehead.

I was freed, we cleaned up ourselves and the wet blankets. We did a little round again in the bathroom while showering. He let me borrow one of his shirt and it was too big for me. But he said I still looked beautiful so I kept it on and we slept together, him hugging me with the goodnight words of,

"Goodnight darling. Please have a good sleep. Tell me if something is bothering you. See you in my dreams."

And with those warm words, I delt safe and fell into a starry starry sleep.

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