Writing Notes in Class

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Jonathan: *Writing note to crush*

Dear Sally,

I luv u.

Jonathan: That should be good enough. *Throws to Sally*

Sally: *Note hits her in the back of the head* Ow!

Jonathan: Oops.

Teacher: What's wrong Sally?

Sally: Something hit me in the back of the head!

Teacher: *Walks over.* *Picks up note* Who wrote this?

Jonathan: David wrote it!!!

David: *Looks up from book* What?

Teacher: Oooh, David! Who do you like?

David: What? What's going on?

Teacher: *Reads note* OOOH! David likes Sally!

David: What the heck?

Jonathan: *Is dying of laughter*

David: -_- Let me see that note. *Reads note* I can't have wrote this! The spelling is horrible.

Ray: Oh, busted!

David: Shut up, Ray! I'll always be better than you.

Ray: *Cries*

Sally: Aw, David, you like me? I like you too.

David: -_- Screw my life.

Sorry that this chapter sucks. I hope the next one will be better. Peace out, guys.

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