Chapter 3

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Suga's POV

I was at the library so the girls won't try to talk to me but i heard something and i smelled her scent. I ended up finding her and that fucktard Taehyung together. Why was he covering her mouth, why was she against the shelf. It got me pissed i don't know why. Taehyung and i have always hated each other. We were both giving each other death glares I put my arm around her to show him I was claiming her. I asked her what their relationship was she says it was nothing. You hear that Taehyung? Nothing. I let her go after that. 

Wendy's POV

After everything they let me go.  I arrive at home I couldn't sleep because of everything that happened. My first day of school I fall, I get detention and both of those idiots keep bothering me.


I ended up falling asleep at 2am because i kept thinking. I'm so tired now I decided to get some coffee so i can stay awake but i see that suga guy. I put my hoodie on so he can't see me but he already noticed me. He smirks when i look at him. When my order came I couldn't see him so i tried to leave quickly but when i turn around he's right there and i end up spilling coffee on both of us. (suga is in bold)

"Oh my god i'm so sorry, are you okay?"

"Yah you idiot now what do i wear!"

"I said i'm sorry, look now i'm going to be late to school!"

"That won't do, come with me" he grabs my wrist and pushes me in this black car.

"Where are you taking me, we have school"

"Forget that. We're going shopping. Your lucky you spilled coffee now you don't have to wear those ahjumma clothes."

"What ahjumma clothes, let me go I don't wanna hang out with you!"

"Fine then are you going to pay for this shirt?"

"How much is it?"

"$150" he says that while smirking while my mouth drops and my eyes widen

"What?? 150$ for that? Forget it"

"Then you have to go shopping"

"Ugh, Alright."

Suga's POV

We arrive at the mall and I take her to this expensive store. So I can buy some new clothes. I see wendy looking at the price tags with her eyes wide open, god this girl is funny. I decided to let her pick one thing since she has coffee on her too but she kept on saying no.

"C'mon just try something on, it's on me"

"I don't like people buying me expensive and useless things"

"Usually girls would die when they're with me. Infact they would say yes. Wait I forgot you're an ahjumma" 

"What did you say? Fine I'll buy something! But now I'm going to buy something really expensive!"

"Go ahead"

"Wendy's POV"

I look around the store trying to find an expensive dress but also something nice so that guy will stop calling me ahjumma. I couldn't find anything nice until I saw this one dress it wasn't the prettiest but i liked it. I tried it on and the dress was really pretty. When i come out to show the worker I see suga trying to find me. He must've wondered where i was.

Suga's POV

I was looking for wendy dont tell me she left. I kept looking around till i see her in this dress. Beautiful, the dress was nice but it was Wendy who was beautiful. I couldn't stop staring at her.

"Hello? Are you okay?" she was waving her hand infront of my face. That's when i snapped out of it. "Are we done?" "don't you want the dress?" "No, like I said I don't like people buying things for me" "Atleast let me buy a shirt and shorts since there ruined now" she finally agrees  but she said it has to be cheap. She ended up buying a crop top and blue high waisted shorts.

(Looks like this)

She looked so nice, anything can look good on her.

"So since we already missed school, wanna have some fun?"

"What kind of fun?"

I smirk and say

You'll see.

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