The Pirates Life For Me

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OK since you guys have been patient with me since I entered NaNoWriMo here is a treat the finished story of A Pirates Life for Me which I wrote for NaNoWriMo. I hope you guys like it and i will have it all posted at the end of the night!!


*Please Read!!!!* 


Captain Blade Roberts of the pirate ship The Hade's has only known the life of piracy. His father was the infamous Tail Wind Roberts one of the most feared pirates in the early 17th century. Blade's life was all about women, ale, and robbing ships. He never thought his life would change when he met Lady Crownwel. Enter Elizabeth Crownwel, a young heiress to the Crownwel name and estate. Set to marry the notorious Admiral Peter Longsted of the Royal Navy, she knew she was trapped in her life controlled by her father. Never in her life had she experienced life to the fullest until she mets the pirate Blade Roberts. Held captive on the Hade's, Elizabeth is sure that she will die on the ship but her lack of interest in life sparks and interest in Blade. Not knowing why Blade finds himself angered by her lack of life he shows her his world. But when the Admiral and Elizabeth's father come for her their relationship is broken apart.

What will Elizabeth do to save her lover from the gallows?

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