The Memory Box Part 81

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Maggie's POV...

Coming back from the hospital, I have to say I am pleased that Jenny is improving. We were so scared there for a little while.

Having all sorts of things happening at the same time was a bit stressful.

We had Donna found with Jarrod's son.  They were the one's who had been looking after Bobby's car all this time. John turned up with the children. Joy was very happy about that and I mean, very happy. Then Jenny and Daniel came home soon after that. Then Jenny collapsed and had to have emergency surgery on her heart again.

We also found out that Micah got himself into a bit of a kerfuffle over in the States with a girl which happens to be the triplets sister who has disappeared and can't be found. Then we find Jullianne taking an interest in Robbie... and was eventually caught by her. Like her grandfather she is.

Bobby would be laughing his head off about her. And her mother.  In fact, I think Bobby would be very proud of the grandchildren he has, even the adopted ones.

Anyway, the day after my drunken episode, Joy left with John to go home. But not before she and the others sat with me and Ron as I went through my memory box. Bobby has been travelling back and forwards for his family which I have to say i miss terribly. But he and Jarrod were here when I opened the package that the box was in.

What a surprise that was to find what was in it. Daniel also said that there was more, but it was in a package that should be here any day now. I was excited about that. But I'm still sitting here holding my diary in my hands.

The diary that disappeared so many years ago. The same diary that Bobby wrote little messages to me.  With one last message I never got to see, or read. I was that upset, Ron had to read it to me and by the time he had finished, I have to say there wasn't many that were dry eyed in the room.

It happened so many years ago when Vi and George were packing up to go home and Janey was still here. George and Bobby had the same camera. Janey didn't know about their initials burnt into the bottom. She packed away all the things with the camera.

My diary, the memory box and the camera with a few other bits and pieces. They were all packed into a package and sent off to George's home in America. Since it arrived before George and Vi did, the housekeeper that George hired to take care of the place put it up in one of his wardrobes and forgot to tell him that it came.

A few years later, after George had died. All of George's things were put up in the attic and stayed there until Jenny and Daniel came and cleaned out the attic and renovated the house. That was when my first marriage came to light with Bobby.

That was when all those doubts came again regarding Donna and Jarrod. Plus we wondered who had helped Laura. Seeing in those few clips that it was her sister was a shock.

But now it's all finished. It is all solved. It was time to let go, but I couldn't.

The memories that I have of that time are what have been the support and stability that I needed to survive every day. Then hearing the words that Bobby wrote in that last message the morning that he gave me his last kiss goodbye damn near floored me.. and Ron.

Even the kids were somewhat stunned with what he wrote to me.. and to Ron.


"Come on Nan, we want to see what's in there." Jullianne was saying to us as she sat on the floor in front of us with her siblings around her.

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