Interview with Edward Cullen

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Eddie Cullen's Interview with Me:

Me: So Edward. I understand you are a century old fairy, correct?

Eddie: *fiddles with glittery wand* Ahem... *puts wand away quickly* I'm actualy a Vamp.

Me: *tries to hold back laughter* oh.. I see... I SEE! So your lover is Jasper Cullen?

Eddie: NO! WTF! My mate is Bella Swan. *blushes at the thought of her*

Me: You mean Miss Swan the cross dresser?

Eddie: *Eyes bug out*

Me: I mean seriously... how could you miss the HUGE adams apple of hers?

Eddie: *Shudders* All those times I let her do those things... I cant believe it..

Me: *Victory is mine* Shoots eddie in the head and feeds him to antelopes.

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