Chapter 33

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        We walk inside with Xavier's hand draped on my waist and me carrying my gown in a lady-like manner. I giggle and Xavier raises his eyebrows amused.

"Whats so funny Miss Collins, may I ask?" He says and I giggle again.

"This. All of this. Walking like this dressed up in a gown with you as my date, its all so giggly." I say and he smiles too, shaking his head.

"Giggly?" He raises his brows and I nod.


As we reach the stairs, I see two of my teachers- One from English and one from Maths standing there, handing over masks to students as they arrive. They themselves are dressed formally, their faces hidden with masks as well. I then realize that one of them is Mr. Waters. As we reach him, he smiles and hands me a mask.

"I am sure this is the happiest you are to see me." He says with a grin and I smile looking away. We take our masks and wear them as we enter the huge assembly hall that is turned into a ball room. I marvel as I look around. This looks nothing like my school! I find Xavier doing the same and we both grin at each other as we walk in the assembly hall.

Drinks are being served by a huge catering staff and Xavier picks two for us. As I sip, my eyes search for my friends and I find Carly standing at the opposite side, laughing with Jacob and his friends. I then locate Bella, dancing on the floor with Alec and realize its a slow track playing in the background. I also see some other classmates of mine. I longingly look at the dance floor, waiting for Xavier to ask me so I could go and dance. Dancing is something I love and have always enjoyed. Another half an hour is what it takes for Xavier to ask me finally.

"May I have the pleasure to dance with you?" He asks, extending his hand and I take it eagerly. He pulls me to the dance floor and we begin to move. His hand is on my waist and mine on his shoulder while our right hands are entwined. I look at him as we dance and blush when he stares with the same intense gaze.

"I don't know how to dance." He admits sheepishly after he stomps on my feet two times.

"Yeah I realized that." I state pointedly and he looks away.

"Well see this-" I say and we both look down, while I raise up my gown a bit. "Take this leg back while I'll take mine forward and then do the same with the left leg. Then we both step back, I turn, and you catch me." I instruct and he nods his bows furrowed as I just taught him the most difficult thing in this world. I laugh quitely at his expressions and he frowns.

"This is complicated." He says and I raise my eyebrows in an 'are-you-serious-' expression. He catches on and then quickly pulls me towards him. As we begin to move again, his eyes stay constantly on his legs so that he doesn't stamp on my foot again. In a while he becomes more and more confident and I can say he actually starts enjoying it.

"So is this the reason it took you so long to ask for a dance?" I ask and he nods, guilty.

"Um yeah. I mean I didn't realize it would be this simple. I have never danced with anyone before." He says and somewhere I feel happy that its me who is his first dance.

"Well, I guess I should have come with Zack then." I tease and his expression becomes a bit grim. He takes two steps back, rotates his arms so that I turn and before I can grasp what is happening, I am drawn into his arms and he lowers me down. In the next minute, I am pulled up into his arms again and I gasp as I clash with him. This move was so not anticipated by me! 

"Still think Zack was a better choice?" He asks confidently and I shake my head without realizing. He smirks smugly and starts dancing normally again while I try to catch my breath and calm my erratic nerves. 

After dancing for a while, we both started walking and bumped into our friends. I met Xavier and Alec's football mates Ryan and Mason. Ryan is a funny guy while Mason is  more like the flirty charming football player. Bella is all ears to everything Alec says and I don't know where Carly is.

"Hey are you Samantha Collins?" A voice asks me from behind and I turn to  find a girl, probably a sophomore. 

"Yeah that's me." I answer.

"Your friend Carly is calling you, she is near the lockers." She informs and goes away. I nod at Xavier to tell him that I'll be back and go out to search Carly. 

As I am walking towards the locker room, I am suddenly pulled inside the janitor's closet which is barely lit.

"C-carly?" I question as I fumble for the light button and when I finally reach it, I flick it on. My eyes widen in irritation and anger as I see Chase standing there.

"What the hell is this!" I exclaim angrily as he nears me, closing the door. Of course! Chase Anderson has to ruin my perfect night.

"Woah baby cakes. You look amazing!" He says, eyeing me and stands right in front me. He stands close. Too close. I push him and try to move but he pulls me back. 

"I should have been your date tonight!" He says irritated and I try to to move again. The gown makes me stumble and Chase holds me.

"Don't touch me Chase!" I order and try to move past  him but he blocks my way.

"Why Sam? I made a mistake but you are not ready to give me one small shot." He says angrily and I just ignore him.

"Everyday, I try everyday but you are being so stubborn, I am loosing my patience now!"

"Chase let me go. I am done with your nonsense and I don't want anything to do with you." I say and walk past him. He grabs my hand and slams me to the wall as I reach the door.

"I know why baby cakes. Its all because of that Xavier. He is the one distracting you and trying to make you forget what we have." He says and drapes his both hands on my waist.

"What the hell Chase, let me go!" I say and beat his chest but he doesn't budge. He leans in closer.

"Its time I make you realize what we had was special." He says aggressively, his voice seeming in a trance.

"No Chase. You are not in your senses. Just leave me." I say and try to kick him but the gown makes it impossible to make any movements. Chase holds me tighter and leans in, his eyes on my lips. I lean away but the wall doesn't let me. I push his face with my hands but he grabs them and hold them behind my back.

"Chase stop it. You're hurting me." I say as tears well up. I struggle hard to keep his face away but he is way too stronger.

"So are you Sam. Walking and dancing and laughing with that guy Xavier. I can't stand seeing you with him. That hurts me so much." He says and forces himself closer while I hit him. Suddenly the door bursts open and Xavier walks in, pulling Chase from me and throwing him to the ground. He climbs over him and starts punching him. Chase groans in pain but before he can defend himself, Xavier hits him again.

"How dare you touch her!" He shouts angrily and keeps hitting him. I run and grab his arms to stop him.

"Xavier no stop. You'll injure him badly." I say and he pulls back, his face dripping with sweat and eyes red with anger. He turns to me and cups my face.

"You okay?" He asks his concerned gaze moving all over my face.

"Yeah I am fine. He didn't do anything." I assure him and he breathes heavily.

"I knew something was wrong. I saw Carly arrive just after you left and she told me she never called for you." He says and I nod.

"I am okay." I say and look at Chase's sprawled form on the ground. His nose is bleeding while there are bruises on his jaw and cheeks.

"Even look at her once more and you won't have eyes to see again." Xavier says slowly and dangerously in a gruff voice. I have never seen him like this. His entire form is breathing heavily while his eyes look murderous.

"Lets get out of here." Xavier says and takes me away, his hand entwined in mine. 

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