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Your P.O.V.

I sigh reluctantly while closing my book, setting it at the top of the collection on my desk, my (e/c) eyes look at the thick cover of the anatomy book.

Throwing my head back to rest on the edge of my chair I give another sigh. The night was falling and the only thing I do on this great Friday night is study my ass off while my partner is out having fun with the crew.

I stretch myself, my body sore and asking for a rest. I take up the brown leather journal that my father left me resting on the desk  , I feel the soft cover, he also passed me his habit to write all my thoughts on paper, saying something between the lines of -You leave a note to the future you when you write- or something.

I bring my pen up and write about today, from the little things like how I saw a white kitten on the campus, to the lunch I decided to buy today and arriving home a little late to find a note telling me He left with Zoro and the others to hang out...without me. As I write the last part, my eyes wander to the book I just set wanting to forget about it I sigh again.

I turn a page back of my journal to find the notes of today's homework. I quickly look at my phone to see - 8:44 p.m.- on the lock screen. A picture of a grinning raven haired man making a sign of peace with one his hand while holding me on a headlock with his other arm as I smile or try to smile at the camera from my position appears as background. I chuckle at it.

" Luffy..." I hum his name. The man was Monkey D. Luffy, a cheerful and stubborn guy who gets himself in all kind of problems, just for us, his nakamas as he likes to call us, to help him get out of them most of the time.

/ Heck! I will go out tonight! / I make up my mind. My feet start walking to my closet, It is November and the cold in not merciful, I take out a piece of clothing, it's a long sleeve (f/c) color coat, as I put it on, the end lazily falls around me and covers my figure from shoulders to ankles. I take my purse, grabbing my phone, car keys and wallet along the way.

I walk out of my room, closing the door and unconsciously look at Luffy's room, the one across mine at the other end of the floor right next to the stairs where I'm heading to, his door has a little nail with a wooden sign hanging, a skull wearing the symbolic straw hat he always brings with him everywhere he goes and two bones making an - X - behind the skull. The two rooms at the left wall were a bathroom and a bedroom.

I smile at the signboard and think while I go down the steps. Luffy told me once his dream as a child was to become a pirate travelling the sea. He almost did, if it weren't for Shanks, his stepfather, stopping him, he assured me with a toothy grin that he would be sailing to new places right now and laughed when he told me how Shanks's face looked when he realized he was not joking as he got on a boat at the dock of his town and was about to leave. Shanks talked him out of it and made a promise with Luffy, He will work with him when he got older on his company.

Shanks, a red haired man with a scar over his left eye, Luffy says that he fought a tiger so that was his battle proof. I'm a little scare of the man when he comes to visit but Shanks is a good person, the man gave Luffy a family when he adopted the dark haired boy.

I'm happy to see Luffy with Shanks, he is happier than normal when his stepfather comes to see him so It's a price I'm willing to pay. When I reach the first floor I turn to see my house keys hanging on the kitten key holder at the entrance.

/I will go to that cafe and buy something, a (fav. Hot drink ) would be nice and afterwards go to the park to watch the show of dancing lights that starts at 10 p.m. like always/ I say inside my head, making my way to the front door, the house was a two story building as you go in you get to see the living room to your left and the stairs to you right with a door under them where a half bathroom is located, the kitchen is beyond the living room separated by a walk, an island on the center with three docks and a classic wooden kitchen. The door to the backyard, which was a small one, was after the laundry room, leaving a small hallway between the stairs up and the, no door just a wide entrance, kitchen/ living room space, the laundry was in the small space left between the end of the kitchen and the door to the backyard.

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