×××Chapter 10×××

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×××Y/N's POV×××

We arrive at the Hospital and walk to the front desk. There's a lady clicking through stuff on her computer. "Ma'am?" Max tries to get her attention. She looks up and pushes the middle of her glass up the bridge of her nose and smiles.

"Yes sir?" "Um. May we see Mary LaPlume?" He says. She looks down at her computer. She types something and looks closely at the screen. "Uh yes you may," She looks closely at the screen again then back at Max, "Max. She's in room 148 just a floor up." She says smiling.

"Thank you!" He says, smiling. He makes his way to the stairs and I follow. We both make our way up the steps and once we get to the top we both look at the doors, looking at the numbers.

"There." He says pointing to a door down the hall. We walk to the door and he stops in front it. He just stares at the closed door. He grabs the handle and opens it. "Mom?" He quietly says, slowly walking in the room. "Max?" A lady said, supposedly his mother.

"Yes mom it's me. How are you feeling?" He asks walking over to her bed. I follow behind him. "I'm doing quite alright. Who is this pretty young lady?" His mom asks. "Oh mom. This is Y/N." He says a bit nervously.

"Oh! The girl you always talk about?" She asks. He shoots and glance to me trying to defend himself saying, "Oh she didn't mean that! She was just joking. I don't talk about you and stuff!" "Max its fine. I don't care what you talk about." I say smiling warm heartedly.

He smiles back, relieved. He looks at his mom who looks like she isn't doing very well. Tired even. "Mom are you sure your okay? You really don't look too good." He says, with a worried expression. "Yea." She says quietly. He grabs her hand and her eyes close slightly.

Her hand looks like it's losing strength in her grip. "Mrs. LaPlume?" I ask. No response. Her hand goes completely limp. Then her heart monitor goes flat line with the long beep.

"Mom!? Someone help!!" He yells as loud as he can. Two doctors and 4 nurses run in gathering around his mom. He holds his hands to his mouth with tears rolling over his hands. I look at him and hug him tightly. He stuffs his face in my shoulder and sobs. I rub his back. "Max let's go to the waiting room." He nods and I grab his hand, quickly getting him out of that room.

I don't want him to see her like this. As we sit down, we never let go of each other's hands. It made my stomach feel fuzzy inside. After 2 hours of sitting here, someone calls Max's name.

"Max LaPlume?" He shoots his gaze to her and stands up, pulling me with him. We hurry over to the nurse. "Is she going to be okay?" He asks, squeezing my hand. "Max. I'm sorry. We tried everything. I'm sorry." She said.

He stands there frozen. "Max?" I ask. He turns around and buries me in a hug. "Max I'm sorry." I say and hold onto him tightly. "You guys should go home and relax. I'm sorry about this." The nurse says. "Yea lets go." I say walking him out of the hospital and into his car.

We don't even go back to work, just straight to his house. And the whole ride there, we never let go of each other's hand, making my heart flutter.

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