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Every time I talk to you,
it feels like it's a secret.

It shouldn't be a secret,
it is and I don't know why.

They know that I talk to you,
they don't know how I feel.

But we never talk in person,
is it 'cause we're too scared?

I'm uncertain of how I feel,
oh I wish I knew how I felt.

But what you feel toward me,
is it the same as how I feel?

Maybe if I knew how you felt,
I'd know how I felt as well.

If the unimaginable happens,
I might just be happy again.

But you're happy without me,
I don't want to confuse you.

Every time you talk to me,
do you feel like it's a secret?

If all secrets are mysteries,
it's that way for a reason.

You're my mysterious secret,
we should keep it that way.

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