Closing the Sky (Chapter 1)

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Summary:No Smut first chapter

g!p Lauren is a werewolf, but that doesn't stop Camren from sexing it up like there's no tomorrow.

Camila's biggest turn on is her girlfriend's biggest secret. Lauren is a werewolf and Camila loves nothing more than having sex with her in her wolf form. Lauren is huge and she knots in Camila, pumping her so full of cum her stomach bulges. Camila's never loved anything more. Werewolves,Bestiality,Knotting,G!P,Dirty Talk,Anal Sex

In case you've somehow missed everything else, this is your final warning. GRAPHIC BESTIALITY BELOW.

"So what's going on for dinner, babe?" Camila tucked the phone between her ear and shoulder. She shifted the grocery bags between her hands, grinning at the prolonged pause on the other end.

"Um," Lauren said. "I was hoping you might grab something? Or I can order take-out. I didn't want to set the kitchen on fire again."

Camila sighed dramatically. "Why do I get the feeling that's going to be your go-to excuse for the rest of our lives? I once set the stove on fire too, you know. But no worries, I stopped by the market and picked up some veggies and greens for a salad."

"Oh." Lauren sounded positively forlorn. "That's..."

Camila grinned even wider. "And two t-bone steaks just for you, you silly carnivore."

"Ooh, great!" Lauren's voice perked up noticeably. "When will you be home? I don't like you out after dark. We don't live in the nicest part of New York City."

"About ten minutes." Camila turned the corner at an intersection and noticed a group of figures on the sidewalk behind her. "Oh, you had to say something, didn't you?"


"It's probably nothing." Camila grimaced as she lifted a hand full of bags to adjust the phone at her ear. She lowered her voice. "Just some sketchy-looking individuals behind me. I refuse to judge their characters based on appearances, of course."

"Of course."

They chatted for a few more minutes, but Camila kept an eye on the people behind her in reflections of cars and shop windows. There were four of them, wearing baggy clothes and hoods or caps. She managed to not look directly behind her. When they turned the third corner same as her, and were noticeably closer, Camila swallowed hard. "Lauren. I think they're following me. And I'm officially judging them as hoodlums. My mace and whistle are in my purse and my hands are full of groceries."

Lauren dropped all pretense, her voice stiffening. "Camila, drop your stuff and run. Look for an open shop or a group of people."

"I can't outrun them-have you seen me? And everything's closed in this district. Lauren, what do I do?"

"Where are you?"

Camila made to answer, but blinked when the loud rattle of their upstairs window being thrown open came through the phone's speaker. "Never mind," Lauren said. "I can smell you. Call the police, okay? But be quiet. Walk a little faster. I'll be there soon."

"Lauren," Camila hissed softly, her eyes widening. She picked up her pace. "Don't you shift. I'm not even sure they're-I'll call the police, you stay where you are! Lauren? Lauren!"

There was silence on the other end of the line. Camila huffed and raised her hand to take the phone from her shoulder. She opened her contacts and looked for 911. She didn't realize how shaken she was until she realized what she was doing.Camila switched to the keypad right when something cold and hard pressed into the small of her back. "Stop dialing, and step into that alley," a menacing voice behind her said. "Unless you feel like being a statistic on tomorrow morning's news." Camila realized she'd frozen in place. She was in between streetlamps-a dark place on the sidewalk. Two people were walking down the other side of the street, but if they saw what was going on they didn't say or do anything. The gun pressed harder.

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