Horror House

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And now, comes the quite strange and hilarious story about two sisters, Xena and Emiley, who stumble into the magical yet terrifying world of CreepyPasta.

It was just another Tuesday, the girls decided to ditch school because who the f*ck needs that sh*t anyways. The girls had just thrown some store-bought cookies into the microwave to have a nice snack. They had Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys blaring from the stereos, making their 5 cats Katie, Callie, Mo, Batman, and Gizmo desire death.

Xena: DIS

Emiley: GIRL

Xena: IS

Emiley: ON


Suddenly, the sound of glass breaking comes from downstairs. Xena believes it was probaly one of the cats, but Emiley believes it was something more. After 16 and a half rounds of Rock Paper Scissors, Xena is the tribute chosen to go check out the noise. Xena makes her way to the dark basement.

Xena: *reaches the basement and stands there awkwardly for about 2 minutes* .....IF THERE ARE ANY GHOSTS IN MAH HOUSE, I BID THEE WELCOME.

Something from behind slaps Xena's booty in a sexual way. Xena blushes and slaps whatever did that, right in the balls. That's right, not kicked, but slapped in the balls.

?: SWEET MOTHER OF ZALGO *doubles over in pain*

Xena: Is "Zuko" your mother?

?: "Zalgo", and no you moron.

Xena decided to help the thing up. The thing then walks into the light, revealing itsself to be a short elf-boy who kinda looked like Link and had dark stuff coming from its eyes, which were black with red pupils. Instead of thinking like a normal person and thinking he was a monster, Xena thought he was totes adorbs.

Xena: Awwww! What's your name lil guy?

?: BEN, and if you call me lil guy I will CUT. YOU.

Xena and BEN head upstairs, only to find Emiley gone. BEN opened the fridge as Xena frantically asked the cats if they had eaten her sister.

Xena: I bet you it was Batman...BATMAN WHY DID YOU EAT HER?! WHY?!

Batman: *le meow* (Translation: f*ck you I'm Batman)

BEN: Chillax! Slendy probaly found her...

Xena: Slendy...Slenderman? Like Slenderman the game?

BEN: Yesh but he ain't a game....you got any thongs?


BEN: that's classified.

Xena: *throws thong at BEN's face* EMILEY!!!!

BEN: *me gusta face* thonggggggggg

So yep that's part one....lolz ~Xena

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