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Here We Go Again

Chapter 24: Stay

POV: James

Her eyes were green. They were green, not like emeralds, but like the blooming fields on a summer day. They were glowing with life, shining bright, that he saw all the riddles of life answered with clarity in them. Their light was a compass to his real home, to the north star. They were absolutely beautiful, so breathtaking.

'Stop staring at me that way.'


'And why's that?'

'You've got me hooked, for one.'

There was a small, twinkle of a laugh. 'Oh, you charmer. What's the second reason?'

'I love you.'

A smile accompanied that laugh. 'Do you really?'

'Of course.'

'Positive about it?'

'I've loved you since I was twelve years old. I know that sounds properly creepy, but it's true. I knew then that you were the one.'

That smile dimmed. '...But I'm not the one.'

' are.'

Hair as black as night flowed with the wind when she shook her head at him. 'I'm not real, James.'

He reached for her hand, ignored the coldness of it, and squeezed her fingers tightly. 'You seem pretty real to me.'

That smiled dimmed some more. Her fingers gave his a squeeze back. 'I like this,' she said to him in a small whisper, 'us together in a dream.'

'It's not a dream,' he reprimanded.

'Nothing hurts here, James,' she said to him despite the frown growing on my face. 'If I close my eyes, everything is peaceful. I don't feel it anymore...That guilt. It's gone. I'm happy.'

He saw the corner of her mouth about to pull on another smile. 'Good,' he replied, pulling on a grin of his own. 'I want you to be happy.'

Her lips never did form a smile, though. '...Then go,' she breathed quietly. He thought it was a trick of the echoing room they were in. He was going to dismiss it as nonsense, but she kept talking. She talked to him in hushed whispers; afraid that if she said them loudly then the walls would break. 'Let me go, James. Let me go and start your life.'

His other hand went to grab onto the one he was already holding. 'You're talking rubbish, love. I would never let you go.'

'You have to.'


'James, please...'

'Why the hell would I do that?'

'Because you need to start your life. You need to live.'

'You are my life.'

'No, James, I'm not.'


'James,' she squeezed his hand so tightly that he had to refocus on those emerald eyes of hers. 'You need to go. Understand that.'

'Why? Don't...Don't you love me?'

A tear rolled down her left cheek. 'I love you more than anything.'

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