Chapter 34

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Uriah P.O.V:

I wake up from the sound of the door and after setting Verity and Xavier down properly, I run downstairs to the door. I answer it and see a shocked Tris with a man behind her. Is that Matthew?
"Uriah... I-" I cut her off with a kiss and she doesn't kiss back.
"I'm just here to pick up Verity, Xavier and Tiny."
"So you're just leaving?"
"I guess."
"And what's Matthew doing here?! He's your new husband?!" I realize I'm shouting and see the gang behind me.
"Where've you been?!"
"At the Bureau."
"The Bureau?! Where we both nearly died?!"
"What the h*ll are you doing there?!"
"Well, Matthew's in charge now."
"And? What difference will that make?"
"A lot, actually." Matthew buts it.
"I wasn't speaking to you!"
"He's right," Tris replies, looking at me, "it's changed a lot."
"And I'm supposed to trust you on that?! You lied to me, Tris! I don't know if I can believe anything you say anymore." She just stares at me for a couple of seconds before barging past me, up to the room where Verity, Xavier and Tiny in. I follow her and block the doorway. "Move, I'm leaving." she said to me, with determination in her voice. I close the door and lock it, keeping the key in my pocket. "Uriah! Move! I need to go!"
"I'm coming with you then."
"No, you're not. If you can't trust me, why be with me?"
"Because you're the love of my life."
"And you're mine. But you wouldn't believe that, would you?"
"I didn't mean that! I was just so angry about what happened and that you didn't tell me. I'm more sad about the fact that you didn't tell me."
"But I didn't want to hurt you."
"But you did! If you would've told me, yeah, I would've been angry but I would've sorted it and we could've worked it out. You wasn't even going to tell me! It was because of a dare!"
"I'm sorry, okay! We literally just got married and it happened. I couldn't control everything!"
"I understand that! I just really miss you! And now you're going back to the bureau?!"
"It's changed."
"I guess, it has been a long time."
"Matthew's in charge, as well. You can trust him. He's the one that saved our lives."
"It was Matthew! Oh my... I just thought someone found me. I need to apologise!"
"Yeah..." I lower my head and frown. Tris hugs me and then Verity joins, carrying Xavier (with great struggle). We lift them both up and all have a giggle. "Are mummy and daddy fwiends again?"
"Yes, sweetie. Mummy and daddy are friends again." Tris lifts up my chin and kisses me, while Verity covers hers and Xavier's eyes. "Ewwww! Disgusting!" We all laugh and I unlock the door so we can go downstairs. We see everyone looking hopefully at us and we both smile and nod. We pass Verity, Xavier and Tiny to Tris's parents because we'll come back for them soon. Matthew leads us to his helicopter and gives us a lift to the bureau.

Tris P.O.V:
I'm so glad Uriah and I are back together. I love him so much and hurting his feelings hurts mine. I wish nothing ever happened but I think this may have brought us closer.

We arrive at the bureau and land. Uriah goes in first, then me and then Matthew. We walk into the building and I feel a sharp pain in my neck, I just ignore it - it's probably nothing. Everyone stares at us. It reminds me of the first time I ever went to the bureau. The first time I met David. The time Uriah nearly died. The time I nearly died. When Tobias saved me. When he went on a mission. When Tobias cheated on me with Nita. Tobias, Tobias. Four is Tobias. Tobias.

"Tris, is everything okay?" That's when everything went black.
Oh no! I wonder what happened... I've got a lot planned! Was my comeback good enough? This is not an official comeback but I know you've been wanting me to update so I did one chapter... Sorry.
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