Hangovers Are Not Nice Part 80

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Maggie's POV...

I don't think I will be drinking like that again anytime soon.

Although I have to say that I didn't mind those drinks us girls had which Vi brought  back to the house. But I think I will do without the headache that comes with it afterwards. I really don't.

" Oh, my head." I groaned as I leaned my head in my hands with my elbows on the table feeling like death warmed over.

Hearing the bang of a pot on the stove made me jump up straight on the chair with a bit of a squeak as I lifted my hands again to groan  as I clasped my head into my hands..  again. Much like I have been doing for the last half hour.

" Did you have to do that?" I groaned out as I dropped my head onto my arms which were laying on the table.

" I have no pity for you woman. What you did was all self inflicted so you don't have anyone else to blame but yourself." Ron went on to say as he dropped another pan on the stove making my head throb even more than it was before.

" Damn it. Do you have to do that?" I whisper yelled at him not wanting my head to fall off my shoulders.

" Arrrg." I heard from behind me coming in the door.

" What arse is making that racket." I heard Vi ask as she staggered into the kitchen to plop down on a chair at the table beside me.

" I don't know, but I wish the arse would stop it." I mumbled through the groans I was letting out with each bang and clang the bloody man was causing.

"Ron dear, if you love me, would you please stop that." I asked him very nicely only to hear a few more bags and clangs come from him, only louder.

" I do love you girl. And I'm being very quiet as I'm making breakfast. How do you feel about some fried eggs and some bacon. The none greasy kind." He asked me in a sweet voice. A sickly sweet one at that.

The thought of fried eggs and bacon.. anything fried actually was beginning to make me feel sick. Actually I was sick and if I didn't get myself up right quickly, everyone would find out just how bad I was.

Getting up I ran as quick as I could into my bathroom, the one off my bedroom, and reach the toilet just in time to empty my stomach. Not that there was much in there anyway. But I do have to admit that clinging to the cold porcelain felt really nice.

A moment later I felt someone lift my head and rub a wet cool face washer across my face which I also found soothing. Then I was jerked up onto my feet to lean against the vanity unit. Opening my eyes, just a little, I saw that it was Ron who was there and now holding out a glass of water to me.

" Rinse." Was all he said as he shoved the glass in to my hands. The bloody stinker. He knew exactly what he was doing when we were in th kitchen.

" Moron." I spat at him after spitting out the water. Then I grabbed my toothbrush and paste and proceeded to clean my teeth. Then I gargled again to rinse my mouth out and I have to say that I do feel somewhat better for it, but the damn head ache is still there.

" Want to tell me what happened yesterday?" Ron quietly asked me as he leaned against the closed door to the bathroom closing us both inside the small room.

" No." I snapped at him as I stripped off the nightie I was wearing.

I wondered how I got into that, not that it matters anyway, I was going to have a shower.

Turning the taps on and stepping inside the shower cubicle, I just leaned my hands against the tiles and allowed the water to run down over my throbbing head and down my back.

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