Chapter 2

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I wake up staring at the ceiling. I wonder what today will bring. I check my phone, it's 9:24 in the morning. As my stomach rumbles I get out of bed and head for the bathroom, but passing the mirror I stop to look at my reflection.
Messy brown hair, freckles all over my face, arms, and legs, pale white skin, what a mix. I'm not skinny, but I'm not necessarily fat, I'm just somewhere in the middle. I have dimples, blue eyes, and naturally straight teeth, all of which I inherited from my mom. I head straight for the bathroom after this morning ritual, then downstairs to figure what I'm having for breakfast.
Mom is obviously still snoozing, since she's nowhere to be seen. So, I decide to have Froot Loops. I turn on the living room tv, then sit at the table to eat in peace. After about twenty minutes, mom comes out of her room dressed for the day.
"Hey, mom."
"Hey, Ash, how'd you sleep last night?"
"Good, how about you?"
"Pretty well. I slept, almost, half the day away." She said giggling and grabbing a box of cereal out of the cabinet. "I'll be in my room if you need anything. My tv show is having a marathon today."
"Alright." Mom is so chill.
Afterwards I head upstairs and grab my phone. I look out of my window at Jasper's. He is reading. He must've noticed me because he turned his head, looked at me and smiled. I smiled back and got an idea. I opened my window, and as soon as he realized what I did, he copied. I stuck my head out of the window.
"Hey, Jasper, do you want to come over?" I shouted.
"Totally, I'll be over in a few!" He shouted back.
Yay! Omg, have I developed a crush this fast? Yep, I have. No guy has made me feel this way as suddenly as he. Oh my goodness, I've got to change! He already saw the gray tee, I'll just change into some shorts. I change quickly, and run downstairs to mom's room. I open the door to see my mom cuddled up in her bed eating cereal out of the box.
"Hey, mom, is it okay if Jasper comes over?"
"Yea sure, honey." I swear I saw her wink, but I just waved it off.
"Ok thanks, mom." I say before closing the door.
I clean up my room, the kitchen, the living room, and the dining area, too. I hear the doorbell, and run to the door. I open it, and there Jasper stands, looking amazing.
"Hey, come in." I say.
We walk to the living room and sit on the couch. He's wearing an aqua colored beanie over his chocolate brown hair. He must really love beanies. He's looking around the room, then he locks eye contact with me and his expression softens into a small grin.
"So, Jasper, what have you been up to today?"
"Nothing really. Just boredom and reading, until you asked me to come over. Thanks, by the way."
"Sure. Anything to cure a case of boredom." I say, making him laugh softly.
"Ashton, what is your religion?"
"Why do you ask?"
"I was just simply curious because you didn't go to church today."
"Well, I'm agnostic. What about you?"
"Cool, I am a deist."
"Thank you. So... what's your dad like? I haven't seen him around."
"My dad was an abusive alcoholic and when I was two, my mom kicked him out, and I haven't seen him or heard from him since. I don't want to, either. To me he isn't worth it, if he couldn't keep in touch all these years."
"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that."
"What about your dad? I haven't seen your dad around either."
"He was getting things settled in at his new job last night. He's an Anthropology professor at Dallie Community College."
"Oh cool. Why did you move?"
"My dad didn't like his salary at his old job, and my mom really wanted to move somewhere new. She's working at Dallie too. She is a Philosophy professor."
"That's interesting. My mom is a surgeon."
"Really? That's so cool."
"Why?" I say laughing.
"Because of all the blood and guts, and because she saves people's lives."
"True, true." We both chuckled.
All evening, Jasper and I sat in the living room talking, laughing, and watching movies on tv. I found out his favorite color is yellow, he loves Oreos, hates artificial banana flavored anything, but loves the actual fruit, and adores blue eyes. I don't know if he just said the last one because I have blue eyes, or if that's just what he likes. It made me blush, for sure.
"Hey, Jasper, do you want to sleep over tonight?"
"Yes! Are you sure it will be okay with your mom?"
"Yea, she won't mind."
"Okay, I'll have to ask my parents. I'll go call them." He says getting up to step outside.
As he walked outside, mom walks into the room and sits on the couch beside me.
"He's nice. Too bad he hates banana flavoring, we have banana pudding in the fridge."
"Mom were you spying on us?"
"Hey, I have to know if he's good enough for my son."
"What are you talking about?"
"Ash, you can't play games with me, I'm your mom. As your mother, I can tell when you like someone. It is written all over your face that you like that boy. You can't hide that from me." She said laughing softly. That made me blush.
"Mom, we're just friends."
"Mhm, you say that now. By the way, Jasper can sleep over, I don't mind."
"You have to be the most crazy, chill mom ever."
"I know." We both laughed at that. Then, Jasper came back in, told me he can spend the night, would go grab his clothes, and be back in ten minutes. Mom got up to walk to the kitchen. A few minutes after, the doorbell rings. When I opened the door, Jasper came in with a bag of clothes and a pillow.
"I am so glad I can sleepover."
"Awesome, I'll show you my room."
We went upstairs to my room. Jasper put his stuff down on the floor. He looked around the room for a second, then back at me.
"Nice green room. Your room seems cozy."
We head back downstairs to ask mom what we are having for dinner. She's in the kitchen looking in the cupboards.
"Hey, mom, what's for dinner?"
"How does Chinese takeout sound?" She says.
"Sounds good to me. Jasper, what about you?" I say.
"I love Chinese food."
"Okay, that's settled. Nice to meet you again, Jasper." Mom says.
"You too, Ms. Drew." Jasper says.
"Call me Ms. Alice. Ms. Drew sounds too formal."
"Will do, Ms. Alice." He says.
We get settled in front of the tv watching a movie, until the food arrives. Then, we eat at the dinner table, while mom ate in her room. Afterwards, we head upstairs to get showered and ready for bed.
"I have an extra mattress under my bed for sleepovers. We can pull it out for you to sleep on in my room."
"Alright sounds fine to me."
We get the mattress situated for Jasper. Then, get in bed to sleep. Needless to say, that was the most peaceful sleep I've ever had.

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