Drunken Talk Part 79

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Maggie's POV...

I have to say that is was refreshing to let out a bit of frustration as I did when I came into the house and ignored all those male morons.

It really was.

Donna and I stayed in my room for a good few hours talking about some of the things that had happened all those years ago. I also told her about Bettina and the conversation that we had together before she died. She was really quiet about that for some reason.

" She was still a bitch." Was all Donna said. And I agreed with her, but I wasn't as angry as I had been about it like I was yesterday.

Yesterday I was ready to kill her. Today I had let all that anger go.

" There had been so many things that were happening in those days. I was still recovering from losing that baby I was having before I fell pregnant with Joy. I still have nightmares over everything." I murmured to her as we sat on the arm chairs in the room alone as we were.

I hadn't heard one sound from any of the men making me think that they had all gone out and left us alone. I think Vi might have gone out with them too since she hadn't come in here with us.

Donna just sat curled up on the chair much like she did when we were in our room at Ms Holmes. I smiled when I remembered that time. We were so young and free then. Waiting and dreaming about what life would bring our way from time to time.

" What was that smile for?" Donna said as she broke into my thoughts.

" Just remembering the times that the three of us all sat around in our room back at Ms Holmes and how you use to sit like you are now and we'd gasbag about all sorts of things. We were young and free then in a way." I said to her with another smile as I remembered some more things we did.

Donna must be remembering too at the things that happened then if her smile is anything to go by.

" Good. We are finally alone." Vi said as she abruptly opened the door and walked in like she owned the place. What she had in her hands raised my eyebrows a bit though.

" Here. I think we need more than a cuppa tea at the moment. I think we've earned it being around those bloody men." She said which caused us to laugh at her as she grabbed some of the pillows off the bed and plonked them on the floor before dropping onto them and getting herself comfortable before opening the carton thing she was holding and passed both Donna and myself.

Looking at the label, I saw that it was a raspberry vodka cruiser . Opening it up, I carefully took a sip to find myself pleasantly surprised at the sweet fruity flavour of it. The bubbles made it tingle in the nose. I had to take another swig, as Vi called it.

I think I like it.

" Vi, this has got to be one of the best idea's you have had in a long time." I said to her as I held up the bottle in my hand to her before putting it to my mouth and having another swig.

" At least this idea of mine won't knock you up." Vi went on to say which had me burst out in laughter.

Needless to say, the three of us were having a very good time drinking this stuff. It was making us a bit happy too I was thinking.

" Bobby wasn't always a nice person. He got cranky sometimes and I would kick him out of the bedroom and he would have to sleep in the spare room." I said at one point when we were confessing things we hadn't admitted to for many years.

" I was bloody well jealous of you two sneaking out all the time when you think I didn't know." Donna then piped up to say as she too was enjoying her third bottle of vodka. Hers was a blue on this time.

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